Jabba Got Fat (To: Sir Mix-a-Lot's "Baby Got Back")

Parody lyrics copyright 2002 by Steven Cavanagh

Date: July 2002

By the maker!
What's that?
The Hutt- he's so big!
He's lookin' good, huh? Been on a weight gain program.
What's that he's saying?

You don't know huttese, huh? OK, I'll translate:

I'm one. big. Hutt and I can not lie!
You bounty hunters can't deny
That I'm the guy who owns all the territory space
From here to the Jundland Waste. I'm the one,
who's so devine
in the galaxy at running crime
It's mine and I'm just not sharing
Tell somebody else who's caring- Oh, Solo!
Got Boba to git ya
Use you as a picture
My homeboys learn to fear me
And that kid Skywalker
(w-w-won't get near me!) Ooh!
People come in
and only live on my whim!
They're pleading, pleading
but my pet rancor needs feeding
One of my dancers
I don't like her chances
It's fed, fed,
When they fall through the floor they're dead
I guess it's kinda mean
but I gotta rule Tatooine
Take the average alien and ask him that
I'm leader of the pack
So, fellas!
(Yeah!) Fellas! (Yeah!)
Do you only serve the Hutt?
(Hell yeah!)
Then shake it!
(Shake it!) Shake it! (Shake it!)
Shake it like a Hutt!

Jabba got fat!
(Mishka Jabba du Hutt, Bo Shuda)
(Mishka Jabba du Hutt, Bo Shuda)

Jabba got fat!
(Mishka Jabba du Hutt, Bo Shuda)

I get around, at large
and in my Sail Barge, I just can't help myself
I gotta go disintegrate
That droid can't translate
I like to get a frog
and (ugh), chew it up, (ugh), (ugh)
I ain't a wannabe prankster
Cause I'm the galaxy's No 1 gangsta
I want a frog fat and juicy
So go get me a pail
And you better not fail
or I'm gettin' Fett on your trail
Cause the man is nothin' like Greedo
I hired Max Rebo, put on a show
I'm collecting bimbos
and getting Leia in Speedos
A word to her cause she hates me, and tries to berate me
She'll appreciate me
But I gotta be straight when I say I've got her chained
here and now she's mine
Baby got it lookin' fine
Eventually she'll like my slime.
Cause everyone in the palace is callous
And there's no rescue for you
Cause I'm mad, and I'm bad,
And I'm about two tons of flab
Hey, ladies!
{Yeah!} Ladies! {Yeah}
I don't wanna hear about no maybe's
So turn around! Dance about!
If I don't like it, look out.
Jabba got fat!

Jabba got fat!
(Greetings exalted one. I am Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight and friend of
captain Solo.
I seek an audience with your greatness to bargain for Solo's life)

So the droids come from Skywalker. He's a Jedi Knight- big talker
Skywalker aint got nothin' he can touch on this porker.
So in he walks and makes-me-sick
he tries a dumb-mind-trick!
Thinking he's big in that get up?
He's messin' with a Hutt!
So brother I hit that switch thing
in the rancor hole he goes
But I cannot. believe it
When he drops the door and he cleaves it
He squashed my rancor flat?
Well I ain't down with that!
Cause your friends are here and you've signed their doom
You're in the Pit of Carkoon.
Get that Solo guy from the other cage
This is an outrage!
You've really dissed me, don't resist me
Hey, c'mere Leia- kiss me!
Now we're out there at the pit
And Skywalker's over it
play the game where I get them pleading
But they wanna skip to the bleeding
So just before I toss them down
Let everybody give a sound
Wanna hear you cheering for the Hutt
Now feed that Sarlaac, boys.
Jabba got fat!