Poodoo (To: Blur's "Song 2" (otherwise known as 'that woo hoo song'))

Parody Lyrics copyright 2001 by Steven Cavanagh.
Date: Feb 2001
Episode: 1


I'm called Subulba
Pod Racing wonder
It's what I did
but then this kid

(Poodoo!) Caught up to me in a race
(Poodoo!) Put my pod in second place
(Poodoo!) I thought winning was easy
Thought I could fly, but I cheat so I never need to
have to beat you

He had his pod done
I fixed it up some
Gave him a problem
He had a problem

(Poodoo!) But he fixed it on the fly
(Poodoo!) Then I saw him racing by
(Poodoo!) I thought winning was easy
You're just a kid, so I hope that I'm not gonna see you
In Episode 2!

Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah (I won a rock!)
Yeah, yeah
Oh, yeah