Starfighters in the sky (To: Marty Robbins' "Ghost Riders in the sky")

Parody Lyrics copyright 2001 by Steven Cavanagh.
Date: Feb 2001
Episode: N/A
"Ghost Riders" really captured my imagination as a kid- and scared the hell out me :-)
Peter Mayhew, the wookiee himself, recently graced our discussion boards and in passing mentioned that this was one of his favourite songs. I knocked this up, put it on the board and he said "
what a great parody. We both just sang it together here at the computer, what fun....Thanks". It was good to entertain him just a little bit in return!


A guard stood at a rebel outpost on their darkest day
And watched the X and Y wing fighters lift and fly away
When all at once a battered freighter followed with a roar
A wookiee and a scoundrel.. saved the day at Yavin 4.

Yi-pi-yi-ay, Yi-pi-yi-o
Starfighters in the sky

The time went by, they found a home amid the ice and snow
till Vader and the walkers came, and made the rebels go.
A fleet of star destroyers waited for them in the sky
with two starfighter escorts.. they could wave them all goodbye

Yi-pi-yi-ay, Yi-pi-yi-o
Starfighters in the sky

They flew in squadrons Red and Rogue and Grey and Green and Gold
Their ships and nerves were made of steel, and all their hearts were bold
They all went out to Sullust, made a giant fleet, and soon
they'd fought a giant battle.. at the sanctuary moon

Yi-pi-yi-ay, Yi-pi-yi-o
Starfighters in the sky

The death star was in pieces, and the fighters swept the field
A party was on Endor, for the guys who took the shield
And so they formed up for a pass, for one last final run
parading with the fireworks.. because the day was won.

Yub-yub-yi-ay, Yub-yub-yi-o
Starfighters in the sky
Starfighters in the sky