Just call me Vader (To: Madison Avenue's "Don't Call Me Baby")
Parody lyrics copyright 2000 by Steven Cavanagh
Date: March 2000
Episode: N/A
Notes: As the world awaited George's decision on who was to be Anakin in ep 2, it surprised me that the chance to play the role had turned the most haughty hollywood actor into a penniless kid at a toy store window - everybody wanted to be Anakin. This is for them, and Hayden.

<long intro>

I can see, it's my big opportunity
And I could make it something really cool
But you, you think I'm just an unknown guy
I'm hear to tell ya, George, that I'm the one to catch your eye

I'd make the camera dance
if you give me half a chance
just put a saber in my hand,
and you can point me to the ranch

Jake's legacy- he's passing on the torch
And so I say to George:

Just call me Vader
Because I'm Anakin, it's who I wanna be
And so I'll tell you endlessly
until you see that I'm your Vader
Here I am- pick me!
and just call me Vader

Most every eye across the globe
They want a look at who you put in the Jedi robe
And I'd fulfill, mmm, the role with ease
I've even trained myself in talking at the time I breathe

This role ain't got me spooked
I can be another Luke,
Just let me get onto the set,
I'll whine until it makes you puke

Hey, look at me- I've got the sandy hair
You say the word, I'm there

Just call me Vader
Because out to the ranch is where I wanna go
I'm better than DiCaprio!
I'm sure you know that I'm your Vader
Get on with the show
and just call me Vader!