Qui-Gon (To: "My Guy", better known as "that song from Sister Act")

Parody lyrics copyright 2000 by Steven Cavanagh.

Date: Apr 2000

Episode: 1

Notes: As sung by the Jedi Council. I can easily picture them swaying with the rythym.


All:                   Nothing we can say, can take the thought away, from Qui-Gon.

Nothing we can do, can change the point of view, of Qui-Gon


Yoda:              Went out and found this human kid

then asked to train him, he did!


All:                   He's a prophecy fulfilled, according to the will, of Qui-Gon.


Windu:            Probably a Sith, this guy that battled with, our Qui-Gon

Moving very fast, and trained in Jedi arts, like Qui-Gon


Yaddle:                                                                                     Qui-Gon!

Eeth Koth:                                                                                                        Qui-Gon!


Mundi:             This gives us something new to think

till now we'd thought them- extinct!


All:                   There's a new age just begun, and here's the chosen one, says Qui-Gon.