All Shot Up (To: Elvis Presley's "All Shook Up")

Parody Lyrics copyright 1997 by Steven Cavanagh.

(As Sung by C3P0 on Bespin)

Episode: V


Well bless a-my soul, what's wrong with me?

My leg's in two pieces, and my arm's in three

I used to be together but I guess I'm not

I've been shot- I'm all shot up.


A huh-huh


Hey, yeah.


I seem to be broken on a garbage heap

Someone else can stand on my own two feet

I'm on a belt conveyor and it's getting hot

It's my lot- I'm all shot up.


A huh-huh


Hey, yeah.


Well, a bit of old plastic is what's on my mind

A little bit closer, I can kiss my behind

I found all the troopers- had to warn the rest

But one of them shot me right in the chest!


Well now I see Chewbacca giving Ugnaughts a scare

I'd wave to him but my hand is way over there

He'd better hurry if he wants to- save my butt

E'chuta! - I'm all shot up


A huh-huh


Hey, yeah, yeah.


Well, six million languages I know how to speak

And right now I couldn't even manage a squeak

The Wookiee prob'ly doesn't even know how I fit

but right at this moment I don't care a bit!


Now I'm broken in a box that's sitting down on the floor.

A couple of stormtroopers just threw Han in the door.

He says he's feeling terrible, I know how it is

I'm in bits- I'm all shot up.


A huh-huh


Hey, yeah.

A huh-huh


Hey, yeah- I'm all shot up!