In the Cantina (To: Barry Manilow's "Copacabana")

Parody Lyrics copyright 1994 by Steven Cavanagh.

Episode: IV

Notes: (GROWL). Some days it just doesn't pay to be a guy with ideas...


His name was Solo, he was a smuggler

He flew the Falcon everywhere, with a two-meter lump of hair

he was in trouble, he owed to Jabba

he had to fix his credit flow, so there was just one place to go

a wretched hive, you see

of scum and villainy

The cantina in Mos Eisley was his destiny!


It was Solo, in the cantina

the beer, it don't come any greener

here with Solo, in the cantina

music and blasters and Sullustan pastas here with Solo!

He was in luck...


His name was Greedo, he wore a blaster.

He'd used it all across the land, and now he had it in his hand,

and he was waiting, waiting for Solo

when a commotion to his right looked like an entertaining fight

'Cause Doctor Evezan

wanted to do Luke in

When Kenobi pulled out a saber, Ponda lost a limb!


Here with Solo, in the cantina

it was when Luke was such a wiener

here with Solo, in the cantina

music and Wookiees and Rodian cookies here with Solo!

There was some blood..


So later Greedo ran into Solo

poor Solo had nowhere to run, 'cause he was looking down a gun

and Greedo pushed him, back to the table

where Solo said he had a stash, and Greedo asked him for the cash

But Solo's gun went blam

and Greedo's head went slam

then Solo got up and left the table, left for Alderaan!


Here with Solo, in the cantina

you'll find every wierd Tattooiner

here with Solo, in the cantina

liquids distilling and infrequent killing here with Solo!

come try your luck..

come try your luck.