Han (To the tune of: REM's "Stand")

Parody Lyrics copyright 1995 by Steven Cavanagh.

(As sung by His Excellency, Jabba The Hutt)

Episode: VI


Han in the place where I live

(On the wall)

Think about adhesion, wonder what holds him up there now

Han in my palace at home

(It's the best)

Makes a good example for the people who are working for me.


Now if, you have, to hang up your hat

just use, the guy, who's frozen and flat

His hand, is there, to hold things for you

And Han, is there, 'cause I like the view!


Oh Han with my trophies at work


Think about collection, wonder can I get the Wookiee now

Han, brought here by my best friend

(Boba Fett)

Stops him dumping cargo runs and blowing my employees in half


<solo> :-)


Now Han, a statue, is a good sight

I'm glad, that Vader, used carbonite

He's not, asleep, he's stuck in a dream.

I like, his face-perpetual scream!


Oh Han on display in my room

(Work of art)

Think of decoration, maybe should I hang him sideways now?

Han, it was worth all the cash

(Every cent)

He even opens bottles and I think he'd make real good doorman


Han on the deck of my barge

Han frozen stiff as a bar

Han doesn't wander too far

Oh Han!