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"Lander" - A Trade Federation 'Lander' touches down on the grassy plains of Naboo. 800x600 230kb 1998.

Trade Federation

"Trade Federation" - Small ancestors of the "TIE" series starfighters patrol the space above a massive Trade Federation Battleship. 800x600 149kb 1998.

The Race

"The Race" - Young Anakin Skywalker races his pod through the desolate stone arches of the Tatooine desert. 800x600 153kb 1998.

Reactor Shaft

"Reactor Shaft" - Shielded beams of pure energy channel power to the main Reactor, a dangerous venue for a Lightsaber duel. 800x600 229kb 1998.

Droid Fighter

"Droid Fighter" - An automated Trade Federation fightercraft screams through Naboo space. 800x600 149kb 1998.

Destroy Jinn and his apprentice

"Destroy Jinn and his apprentice" - Sith warrior Darth Maul locates his Jedi prey . 800x600 154kb 1998.

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