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CEII: Jabba's Palace Reunion - Massive Guest Announcements

Star Wars Night With The Tampa Bay Storm Reminder

Stephen Hayford Star Wars Weekends Exclusive Art

ForceCast #251: To Spoil or Not to Spoil

New Timothy Zahn Audio Books Coming

Star Wars Celebration VII In Orlando?

May The FETT Be With You

Mimoco: New Mimobot Coming May 4th

[Jedi Council Forums]
The build-a-character challenge

ROTS Levels (Spoilers)

What's YOUR Star Wars RPG about?

Info on the old republic (KotOR,TotJ, & other legit sources)

The Worst Thing Your Character Has Ever Done?

Gamer's Social Thread
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Star Wars RPG Release Schedule

00/10/01 - Inside the Worlds of Star Wars Episode I: The Complete Guide to the Incredible Locations from The Phantom Menace
00/10/03 - A Guide to SW Uiverse 3rd Edition
00/10/13 - Dawn of the Bounty Hunters Masterpiece
00/10/31 - Balance Point
00/11/09 - Secrets of the Sith
00/11/14 - JA#11 The Deadly Hunter

November 2000

Star Wars Gamer #1
Star Wars: Episode I - The Invasion of Naboo Adventure Game
Star Wars Roleplaying Game
Star Wars Character Record Sheets

December 2000

The Secrets of Naboo Campaign Pack

January 2001

Star Wars Gamer #2

February 2001

Star Wars Gamemasters Screen

March 2001

Star Wars Gamer #3
The Rebellion Era Sourcebook
Living Force Campaign Guide (RPGA)

April 2001

The Secrets of Tatooine Campaign Pack

May 2001

Star Wars Gamer #4

? 2001

Dark Side Sourcebook

Miniatures Release Schedule


Battle Droid
Destroyer Droid
Jedi Padawan, Human Female
Queen's Handmaiden, Human Female
Jedi Padawan, Human Male
Palace Guard, Human male
Gungan Scout
Scoundrel, Human Male
Scoundrel, Human Female
Wookiee Soldier
Cerean Noble
Ithorian Scout
Rodian Scoundrel
Sullustan Fringer
Twi'lek Scoundrel, Male
Twi'lek Jedi, Female
Fringer, Human Male
Fringer, Human Female
Soldier, Human Female
Scout, Human Male
Scout, Human Female
Wookiee Scout
Cerean Jedi
Rodian Soldier


Star Wars: Episode I Heroes (Padme, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Qui-Gon Jinn, Queen Amidala, Anakin Skywalker, Jar Jar, and Captain Panaka)

Star Wars: Episode I Villains and Scoundrels (Darth Maul, Sebulba, Watto, Darth Sidious, Rune Haako, Nute Gunray, and Aurra Sing)


October 15

The Queen's Gambit (by Avalon Hill)

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