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The build-a-character challenge

ROTS Levels (Spoilers)

What's YOUR Star Wars RPG about?

Info on the old republic (KotOR,TotJ, & other legit sources)

The Worst Thing Your Character Has Ever Done?

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Star Wars RPG Magazine Articles

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Unofficial Articles

Challenge Magazine (GDW Games, USA)
Issue Title Author Published Date Category Cover
#32 Alone Against the Empire Lester W. Smith N/A Adventure: Solitaire
#35 Team Recovery James B. King N/A Adventure
#35 The H-Wing Strike Fighter James B. King N/A Stats: Starship
#37 Wookiees Amok Timothy M. Ryan N/A Adventure
#38 Starfighters Down William W. Connors Jun/Jul 89 Adventure
#40 Blaster Weapons of the Rebel Alliance James B. King Oct/Nov 89 Stats: Technology
#41 Paid in Full Lester W. Smith Dec 89/Jan 90 Adventure
#43 On the Dark Side / The Nuns of G'aav'aar'oon Marcus L. Rowland Apr/May 90 category
#44 Jet Packs Stephen A. Marinaccio Jun/Jul 90 Rules
#46 Imperial Research Station 13 Lester W. Smith Oct/Nov 90 category
#47 The Rebel Air Force: Combat Airspeeders Whitney Weston Dec 90/Jan 91 Stats: Technology
#49 Dandrian's Ring Chris Hind N/A category
#56 Power Suits! New Skills and Combat Rules Paul Sudlow Jan 92 Stats: Technology
#57 Green Squad 3 Stephen Marinacci Feb 92 category
#58 Battle for Mandalore Chris Hind Mar 92 Miniatures Battles
#60 Character Templates Chris Hind May 92 Rules: Characters N/A
#61 Rogue Metal James B. King Jun 92 Adventure N/A
#62 Encumbrance: An Optional Rules Supplement Michael Schiavetta Jul 92 Rules N/A
#63 Talents: An Optional Rules Supplement Michael Schiavetta Aug 92 Rules
#64 Limping Lady Peter M. Schweighofer Sep 92 category N/A
#65 Shadow of the Dark Side James B. King Oct 92 category
#66 Disturbance in the Force Chris Hind Nov 92 category
#67 Buried Treasure Greg Videll Dec 92 Adventure
#68 Parts is Parts Wallace D. Greer Jan 93 category N/A
#70 Bantha Cannon Chris Hind Mar 93 Adventure N/A
#72 Ananuru Express Alison Brooks May 93 Adventure N/A
#73 New Character Templates: A Supplement to Star Wars' Mos Eisley Galaxy Guide Martin Wixted Jun 93 Rules: Characters & Stats: Starship
#74 HoloNet Waystation Martin Wixted Jul 93 Adventure N/A
#76 Death by Triflexia Peter M. Schweighofer N/A category N/A
#77 Pandora's Box Peter Rausch 1995 Adventure N/A

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