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The Indiana Jones Press Coverage Post

Posted By Mike on June 7, 2008

We're likely to see a ton of Indiana Jones related news pieces out there as we get ever so closer to the Indy 4 opening. Like we did with the Star Wars related pieces around the time of CIV and the 30th Anniversary, consider this post as your place to find all the links. Only have one to start today but rest assured many more updates will be coming...

CNN.com (AP) - "'Real guy' Indiana Jones ready to return." - See the excerpt below:

"Resurrecting Indy took more than a decade of debate, disagreement and compromise among the film's three principals, Spielberg and Ford disliking a way-out-there initial idea Lucas had.

"It was the three of us, Steven, George and I, coming to agreement on the central notion of it all," Ford said. "I think the original idea is still a large piece of it in the movie, but it's been developed and worked on in ways that made it a lot more palatable to Steven and I."

Though the filmmakers have been tightlipped on the plot, the era -- 1957 instead of the 1930s -- and the trailer's image of a crate marked "Roswell, New Mexico, 1947," imply aliens are involved. Roswell is where UFO buffs claim an alien spaceship crashed in 1947.

Just as the first three Indy flicks were inspired by the supernatural B-movies of the 1930s, Lucas conceded he took his cue for the new film from the equivalent of the 1950s, when B-movies centered on extraterrestrial menace.

Just how far "Crystal Skull" might venture into "E.T." territory remains to be seen, though it clearly was not as far as Lucas wanted..."

UPDATE: Make sure you check out our post about Marco Andretti's Indiana Jones car for the Indy 500 right here. In the same category, our friend Brett sent over the following:

"Just thought I'd let you know that it was announced today that Kyle Busch, driver of the #18 M&M's Toyota, will carry a special Indy 4 paint scheme during Saturday night's race at Darlington (on FOX). The press release can be found here (and) an image of the left side and hood of the car can be found here."

Thanks Brett!


DigitalSpy.co.uk - "'Indiana Jones' plot details revealed"

Telegragh.co.uk - "Harrison Ford cracks his whip once more"

Yahoo News (Video from ABC News) - "The Secrets of 'Indiana Jones'" (Thanks Tom!)


LatinoReview.com - "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Advance Screening Giveaway"

TVGuide.com - "For Sean Patrick Flanery, Young Indiana Jones Never Grows Old" (Source: TheRaider.net)

ChinaDaily.com - "Indiana Jones tops hero poll"

Film.com - "Indiana Jones, Uwe Boll and The Release Day of Doom"

TheRaider.net - "Hasbro's Indy Toy Site Redesigned"


RamasScreen.com - "INDIANA JONES 4: New Featurette ?Indy On Set?'

SlashFilm.com - "Indiana Jones 4 Shot and Edited like an Old School Action Movie; Four New Television Spots"

DenofGeek.com - "New pictures from Indiana Jones 4"

TheRaider.net - "New "Indy Arrives!" Featurette at IndianaJones.com"

TheRaider.net - "Indy Slides into the Great American Pasttime"

Just some interesting poll results at MovieTickets.com from over 2,000 movie goers:

What is your favorite Indiana Jones moment?

46% - Indy shooting the expert swordsman in "Raiders of the Lost Ark"
18% - Indy and the boulder in the opening scene of "Raiders of the Lost Ark"
15% - Indy reaches under a closing door to grab his hat in "Raiders of the Lost Ark"
11% - The mine cart escape from the "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom"
10% - The snake pit in "Raiders of the Lost Ark"

Their current poll asks "What is your favorite "Indiana Jones" bad guy death?" Click here and cast your vote! (down at the bottom of the page)


MSNBC.com - "Indiana Jones is back, and he?s going old school"

TheRaider.net - "Indiana Jones 4 Soundtrack Samples"

WorstPreviews.com - "Seven More "Indiana Jones 4" TV Spots"

Starwars.com - "Indy IV Merch Now at IndianaJonesShop!"

AICN.com - "A French Score Review Of INDY 4 Is Now Available In English...With Sound Files (Sorta)!!"


TheRaider.net - "26 New Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Photos!"

TheRaider.net - "Blockbuster gets the Indy 500 Gear Ready"

TheRaider.net - "Karen Allen gets her Geek On!"

TheRaider.net - "NBC Has Ford and Shia on Camera this Weekend"

TheRaider.net - "Get the Indiana Jones Desktop Icons"

SlashFilm.com - "Indiana Jones 4: 27 New Photos and The History of the Crystal Skulls"

SlashFilm.com - "Michael Bay Predicts Indiana Jones 4 is Gonna Suck"

Welt Online - "Regal Entertainment Group Announces Grand Opening Details for Walden Galleria Stadium 16" ("The official grand opening will be Thursday, May 22 with special offers and the latest first-run films. Regal Walden Galleria will also offer a special advance screening of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Wednesday night at 12:01.")

CanadianPress.google.com - "New DVD releases include a rather timely 'Indiana Jones' boxed set"

Digital Post Production - "'Indiana Jones 4' Tickets Now Available From Fandango"

Waleg.com - "Indiana Jones on MBC2"

UPDATE #7: (Starting to see some reviews pop up)

MSNBC.com - "Karen Allen is thrilled over ?Indy? return"

Aintitcool.com - "Derek Flint compares INDY 4 favorably to WRATH OF KHAN! Plus new trailer in glorious Quicktime HD!"

Aintitcool.com - "Harry Steele says INDY IV is the 3rd best of the series!">

Aintitcool.com - "A more positive, yet far more damning, review of INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL comes in..."

TimesOnline.co.uk - "Harrison Ford returns as Indiana Jones: digging up a golden relic"

YouTube - Spoof Indy 4 Interview with Lucas and Spielberg (Watch out for some language)

UPDATE #8: Our friend Brett sent over the following Kyle Busch news: (See the first update above)

"Just thought I'd let you know that Kyle Busch won tonight's NASCAR race at Darlington in his M&M's Indiana Jones Toyota. Trust me when I say that it was a good thing that the decal of Harrison Ford was on the right side of the car because the wall had its way with the left. I should also add that Jeff Gordon won at Talladega back in 2005 in his Pepsi/ Yoda Chevy, so maybe Lucasfilm movies bring a little luck to these race teams."

Thanks Brett!

Some more links below...

Canada.com - "Forces behind Indiana Jones films stick with winning formula"

TheRaider.net - "A Third Theatrical Indiana Jones 4 Trailer!"

TheRaider.net - "The Man with the Hat: From Ads to Interviews"

TheRaider.net - "Ford and LaBeouf TV Talk Show Schedule"


iFMagazine.com - "Exclusive Interview: KAREN ALLEN CRACKS THE WHIP AGAIN FOR 'INDIANA JONES'" (Thanks Sean!)

TheRaider.net - "Indy and the Burger Kingdom of the Crystal Skull"

NYTimes.com - "Indiana Jones Is Battling the Long Knives of the Internet"

CNN.com - "Real-life skull worship inspires new 'Indiana Jones' film" (Thanks Tom!)

Screaming Pennies - "Free Indiana Jones Ticket from K-Mart"

InsideBayArea.com - "Tripipedia: Take an Indiana Jones adventure with Expedia"

UPDATE #10: Our friend "Master Devwi" sent over the following:

"Microsoft has just released a pack of Indiana Jones IV gamerpictures (display pictures) and a theme for Xbox 360. They?re available for download under the ?New Releases ? Themes and Gamerpics? category* on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. They are free, and are really well done. (via Xbox LIVE?s Major Nelson)

* In two weeks, these will not show up under New Releases. To download them, you?ll have to go to the Themes and Gamerpics store under the name Indiana Jones."
(Thanks "Master Devwi"!)

Now, on to the links...

ThisisLondon.co.uk - "Indiana Jones and the hunt for memorabilia: No. 1 fan Harrison Ford scoops up his own action figures" (Thanks Mitchell!)

CNN.com - "Experts: 'Indiana Jones' pure fiction"

MovieBlog.UGO.com - "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Spoilers"

JoBlo.com - "Indy 4 goodies"

Conntact.com - "'Indy'-Fest Takes Center Stage"

TheRaider.net - "IndyFest & APOTAC's Collectibles Swap Meet"


IGN.com - "LEGO Indiana Jones Demo Now Live"

TheStarpress.com - "Indiana Jones flies into Muncie"

TheStar.com - "Indy fever cracks whip at film fest"

Bloomberg.com - "Che Guevara, Indiana Jones to Make Comeback at Cannes Festival"

FoxNews.com - "'Indiana Jones': Will 'Indy 4' Get Rained On, or Reined In?"

MercuryNews.com - "Tell us your favorite Indiana Jones movie scene"

KCRA.com - "Iconic Indiana Jones Fedora Has Local Ties"

Easier.com - "In the footsteps of Indiana Jones"

The Press Association - "All eyes on Indiana Jones at Cannes"

Slashfilm.com - "Box Office Tracking: Indiana Jones 4 Targets $170M in First Five Days"

TheRaider.net - "IndianaJones.com Updated with Production Info"

MLive.com - "Win passes for "Indiana Jones" movie!"

UPDATE #12: Good luck getting through all of the links in this update. My internet had been down for a couple of days, so I had a lot of catching up to do. Whew, I'm exhausted :)

TheRaider.net - "New Featurette at IndianaJones.com"

WashingtonTimes.com - "Bonanza of Indy toys and adventure games"

TheRaider.net - "George Lucas Talks Indiana Jones 5"

TheRaider.net - "The Indiana Jones Cast Talks to ET"

TheRaider.net - "Indiana Jones 4 Cast & Crew Interviews"

TheRaider.net - "The Indiana Jones Boys Reunited!"

TheRaider.net - "There are only 2 times Ford won't sign an autograph"

TheRaider.net - "Indiana Jones and the Extra Professor"

TheRaider.net - "Indiana Jones Legends Sweepstakes Begins"

TheRaider.net - "Indiana Jones: The Official Magazine Launches"

TheRaider.net - "Indy 4 Banners at Cannes Film Festival"

TheRaider.net - "Movie Geeks Unleashed on Indiana Jones"

TheRaider.net - "Behind the Scenes with Indiana Jones"

TheRaider.net - "LEGO Indiana Jones Demo Now Online!"

TheRaider.net - "Shia LaBeouf on SNL and Letterman Videos"

TheRaider.net - "New Indiana Jones 4 Interview and Articles"

FemaleFirst.co.uk - "Top Hero: Indiana Jones"

Defamer.com - "Just in Time For 'Indy 4,' Archaeologists Fight it Out Over Harrison Ford"

SoundtrackGeek.com - "Soundtrack Review: Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull by John Williams (2008)"

PSXExtreme.com - "LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures Preview"

AZCentral.com - "Test your Indy knowledge"

The Australian - "Svelte Cate Blanchett shows what mum Cannes do"


TheMovieBlog.com - "Has Paramount Botched The Indiana Jones 4 Marketing?">

SuperHeroFlix.com - "Watch 5 Behind-the-Scenes Indiana Jones 4 Videos!"

Cinematical.com - "Fan Rant: Indiana Jones and the Second Trip to the DVD Store"

CNN.com - "Is 'Indiana Jones' secrecy hiding bad news?"

AP.Google.com - "It's indie movies vs. Indy's movie at Cannes fest"

ScreenRant.com - "Indiana Jones Giveaway: Win Cool Stuff!"


The Indy 4 reviews are coming in fast and furious and seem to be, for the most part, quite positive. Click here to check out the Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull review page at Rotten Tomatoes where Indy 4 is currently enjoying an 80% positive rating.

RottenTomatoes.com - "Travel the World With Indiana Jones!"

AintItCool.com - "Latauro Kicks Off A Giant Fistful Of INDY 4 Reviews From All Over The Place!"

AintItCool.com - "Quint and THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL!"

MSNBC.com - "Step right up and buy a piece of Indiana Jones"

MSNBC.com - "Can you whip this Indiana Jones quiz?"

MSNBC.com - "Why ?Raiders? succeeds where ?Temple? doesn?t"

CNN.com - "Indy 'immune' from critics' voices"

ContraCostaTimes.com - "'Indiana Jones' fun, but foolish"

Time.com - "Indiana Jones: Smart, Sleek, Familiar" (Thanks Joseph!)

TheRaider.net - "Five New Indiana Jones 4 TV Spots"

TheRaider.net - "View the Indy 4 World Premier Online Today!"

Suntimes.com - "LaBeouf feels the heat in new 'Indiana Jones'"

Fresnobee.com - "Indiana Jones quiz"

TomsGames.com - "Indy 4 Opens with Uncertainty, Mystery"

HuffingtonPost.com - "George Lucas On "Indiana Jones 5" And "Star Wars" Rejection"

CTV.ca - "In-depth on Indy - Part 1: Why he's the American culture's ultimate action hero"

CTV.ca - "In-depth on Indy - Part 2: Discover Harrison Ford's bullwhip basics"

OKMagazine.com - "Cate Blanchett Likes Playing Evil"

USAToday.com - "Review: 'Indiana Jones' wields enough snap to satisfy"

BBC News - "Spielberg eyes more Indiana films" (Thanks Tom)

Cinematical.com - "Live from Cannes -- Indiana Jones and the Crowded Press Screening!"

Cinemablend.com - "Red Carpet Photos: Harrison Ford And The Cast Of Indiana Jones 4 Premiere And Party In Cannes"

Telegraph.co.uk - "Indiana Jones: 10 behind-the-scenes facts you may not have known"

MTV.ca - "'Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull' Reviews Are In ... And Not Everyone Is Digging It"

TheRaider.net - "Indiana Jones Takes over Cannes"

UPDATE #14: Indy 4 now at 77% positive at Rotten Tomatoes.

TheRaider.net - "Vanity Fair: Predict the plot of Indy 5" (BEWARE OF INDY 4 SPOILERS!)

YouTube / WireImage Video - "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull at Cannes" (Thanks Tom!)

USAToday.com - "'Crystal Skull' poised to rocket to the top"

USAToday.com - "George Lucas' father issues unfold on film"

ComicBookMovie.com - "Indiana Jones and the Industry of Movie Ripoffs"

ReelzChannel.com - "10 Things Every Indiana Jones Fan Should Know About Kingdom of the Crystal Skull"

PRNewswire.com - "Movie Lovers Name Indiana Jones' Greatest Moments in Survey by Blockbuster"

SeattlePi.com - "Ford carries the day in 'Indy 4'"

Aintitcool.com - "Massawyrm And The Review Of THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL!!"

Salon.com - "Indiana Jones and the kingdom of fat kids" By Rahul K. Parikh, M.D. (Thanks Michael)

UPDATE #15: Ok, raise your hand if you saw Indy 4 today! I can't see you so put your arms down. You look silly for crying out loud! The links continue...

Our friends at Lightsabre and Jedi News have posted joint spoiler free reviews. Click on the links to check 'em out! (Thanks Mark)

Variety.com - "'Jones' eyes box office bonanza"

Variety.com - "'Jones' off to $2.2 mil start overseas"

HollywoodReporter.com - "Indy on trail of boxoffice grail"

Wired.com - "High Hopes for Indy 4 (but It Won't Beat Spider-Man 3)"

IGN.com - "Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull - Music Composed And Conducted By John Williams"

MoviesOnline.ca - "Indiana Jones 4 The Story Behind the Skull"

Beliefnet.com - "The Spirituality of Indiana Jones"

KPCNews.com - "Indiana Jones still thrilling after all these years"

EW.com - "'Indiana Jones 4' Q&A: Shia LaBeouf"

Slashfilm.com - "Cool Stuff: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom ArtFX Statue"

Slashfilm.com - "Box Office Tracking: Indiana Jones 4 on Over 9,500 Screens"

News.com.au - "Cate Blanchett criticised for dress at Indiana Jones Sydney premiere"

TheRaider.net - "What Ford Does With Beavers and Bush"

TheRaider.net - "Raiders Guys' Next Movie Announced In Vanity Fair"

TheRaider.net - "Indiana Jones 4 Premiere in NYC and Sydney"

TheRaider.net - "The 2:30am post-Indiana Jones 4 Review"

TheRaider.net - "Indyfan: Making the Papers"

TheRaider.net - "Early Indy 4 ticket sales account for 77%"

TheRaider.net - "Win an iPod Classic and a Whole Host of Indy Prizes!"

TheRaider.net - "More Indiana Jones 4 Press Coverage"

MSNBC.com - "?Crystal Skull? delivers, but just barely"

MSNBC.com - "A late start hasn?t hurt Harrison Ford one bit"

UPDATE #16: Indy 4 currently at 79% positive at Rotten Tomatoes (as of 5-24-08)

FoxNews.com - "Holiday Weekend: Will 'Indiana Jones' Whip its Box Office Competition"

The Official Starwars.com Blog - "Indiana Jones Time-Lapse Art"

DarkHorizons.com - '"Indiana" Gets $25M Opening Day"

Aintitcool.com - "Capone sees INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL at a midnight screening!"

CNN.com - "Review: 'Indiana Jones' works but doesn't shine"

TheRaider.net - "Zero Spoiler Review of Indiana Jones 4!"

TheRaider.net - "Team Indy Featurette"

RopeofSilicon.com - "'Indiana Jones' Gets a Friday Box-Office Bump"

MoviesOnline.ca - "Indiana Jones 4 The Adventure Continues"

MoviesOnline.ca - "Harrison Ford & Cast Talk Indiana Jones 4"

EW.com - "'Indiana Jones 4': A $125 Mil-Plus Debut?"

NWITimes.com - "Win the Holy Grail of 'Indiana Jones' film posters"

And just for fun: "C.C. Banana is... INDIANA BANANA!" (Thanks Janice)


MercuryNews.com - "'Indiana Jones' unearths box office gold with $101 million"

FoxNews.com - "Indy 4: Whipped?"

LATimes.com - "De Longis helps Harrison Ford crack the whip -- literally"

SMH.com.au - "Indiana Jones and the archetypal epic"

TheRaider.net - "Indy 4 Earns $56 Million in First 2 Days"

TheRaider.net - "More Indiana Jones 4 Interviews and Articles"

MSNBC.com - "One-on-One with Harrison Ford" (Video from the Today Show)


TheRaider.net - "Indiana Jones 4 Earns $311 Million Worldwide"

Slashfilm.com - "Indiana Jones: The Fans Strike Back!"

Slashfilm.com - "Indiana Jones 4: The Best of Comments"

TusconWeekly.com - "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull"

EW.com - "'Indiana Jones 4' Digs Big Box Office"

ScreenRant.com - "Box Office: Indiana Jones Vs Iron Man"

In.Rueters.com - "'Indiana Jones' hits $311 million worldwide"

SFGate.com - "'Indiana Jones' strikes box-office gold"

ComingSoon.net - "Indiana Jones Reaches $269M Worldwide in 4 Days"

CinemaBlend.com - "Weekend Box Office: Indiana Jones Beats Iron Man"

GeeksofDoom.com - "Box Office Buzz: ?Indiana Jones? Takes Kingdom From ?Prince Caspian?"

TheImproper.com - "'Indiana Jones' Rules U.S. Box Office"

MSN.com - "'Indiana Jones' unearths $126M in box office gold" (Thanks Tom)

MSNBC.com - "?Indiana Jones? whips up $311M worldwide"

MSNBC.com - "Shia channels Brando?s ?Wild? punk in ?Indy?"

MSNBC.com - "Many readers feel ?Indy? fails to fully deliver"


The Raider.net - "Exclusive Interview with James Rollins" (Author of the Indiana Jones 4 Novelization)

TheRaider.net - "Two new Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Reviews"

CNETNews.com - "'Indiana Jones' graphics meant to go unnoticed"

South Side Journal - "Indiana Jones 4 at head of class"

DarkHorizons.com - '"Crystal Skull" Tops Box-Office"


TheRaider.net - "The Indy Adventure Continues at Disney!"

TheRaider.net - "Seeing 'More' of Karen Allen"

TheRaider.net - "New Indy 4 Articles and Essays on the Web"

TheRaider.net - "The Frank Marshall Video Diaries"

TheRaider.net - "Indy Mogul's Raiders Face Melt"

Kennebec Journal - "Indiana Jones rides again in 'Crystal Skull'"

DigitalSpy.co.uk - "'Indy 4' has most movie mistakes?"

NYPost.com - "'Indy 4' with an Estimated $8M on Tuesday, Just Shy of $160M Domestic"


TheRaider.net - "Indy 4 Reaches $482.8 Million Worldwide"

CinemaBlend.com - "Indiana Jones Soundtrack Intentionally Muted In Theaters"

HollywoodToday.com - "Sex in the City Sells, But Indiana Jones Still No. 1 Worldwide"

Hatrack.com - "Indiana Jones and the Talent-Show Judges" (Thanks Bridget)


TheRaider.net - "LEGO Indiana Jones Game Review"

TheRaider.net - "Indiana Jones M&M Merchandise on Sale"

MTV.com - "'Indiana Jones 4': 10 Things You Need To Know, From Real Crystal Skulls To Shia LaBeouf's Pulled Groin"

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