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Star Wars EU Authors Talk Sequel Trilogy

Posted By Eric on February 13, 2013

Christian Blauvelt over at reached out to a group of Star Wars Expanded Universe authors to discuss their hopes for the Sequel Trilogy, including the EU characters they'd like to see on the big screen and their preferred sendoff for the Big Three. Drew Karpyshyn, Paul S. Kemp, Troy Denning, John Jackson Miller, James Luceno, Michael Reaves, Christie Golden, and Aaron Allston answered the call for some good old-fashioned Sequel speculation.

Here's one of my favorite paragraphs. It's Paul Kemp describing how he'd want to see Luke, Han, and Leia die if it happened in a movie.

If they have to die, Han and Leia should go out together, wrapped in each other?s arms. ?I love you,? he says. She smiles and answers, ?I know.? And then it?s lights out. Yeah, that?d work. As for Luke, I think Luke has to go out in a grand, self-sacrificing way, with full knowledge of what he?s doing before he does it, and all in service to the greater good of rebuilding the Jedi Order. Ideally, just before he goes out he?d see the Force ghosts of Obi-Wan, Yoda, and Anakin (thus recalling for the viewer/reader the iconic ending of Return of the Jedi), and in dying Luke would take his place among them.

There's a lot more where that came from in the article. Check it out here!

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