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Star Wars Day Approaches: Prepare For The Puns

Posted By Eric on April 29, 2013

When I realized that May The Fourth was on the horizon, I seized the opportunity to write a post for The Official Star Wars Blog combining my favorite entertainment franchise with my favorite type of comedy. That's right: puns. If, like me, you're the type of person who lights up social gatherings with your quality wordplay, you might enjoy reading my Star Wars pun primer post. Not convinced it's worth a click? Here are some samples:
  • When Barriss Offee?s friends criticized her for obeying her Master?s every word, they said, "Luminara Unduli influences you!"
  • Zuckuss? favorite Chinese dish was 4-LOMEIN.
  • Admiral Ackbar?s mafia title was Don Calamari.
Click here to check out my post with the rest of my Star Wars puns.

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