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Martha Wells Updates Us On Her Leia Novel

Posted By Eric on January 16, 2013

Yesterday we heard from James S.A. Corey about their upcoming Han Solo novel, and today Martha Wells provides a brief update on her Leia Organa book. Wells wrote the following on her LiveJournal (emphasis in answers added):

What is the title?

I don't know yet. Usually either I think of a title mid-way through writing a book and it is the perfect title and all titles fall before it, or I can't think of anything and finish the book and wonder what the hell I'm going to call it. This was the second one. I gave the editor several suggestions and so we're waiting for somebody to come up with something else or decide one of those is wonderful and convince everyone else of it.

When will it be out?

I don't know yet. Maybe at the end of the year? I'll post it here as soon as I know.

What is it about?

Okay, I do know that one, but I'm not sure how much I should say yet. I'm also crap at describing my books so I may wait until someone who is good at it writes the little blurb-description paragraph. It does have the other characters in it, but is about 75-80% Leia's POV. It takes place about two years or so after A New Hope.

Clearly, Wells can't say much yet, but it's good to know that work on the book is proceeding apace. Wells' novel, along with Corey's Solo book and a Luke Skywalker novel by Kevin Hearne , will constitute the "Rebels" book series that Del Rey announced at CVI.

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