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E3: Kinect Star Wars Coverage

Posted By Mike on June 6, 2011

Head on over to EW.com for your first look at the Star Wars Kinect trailer scheduled to debut today at E3 2011. While we had previously seen footage displaying what appeared to be a battle on Naboo, we now have imagery of podracing, rancors, exploding Trade Federation ships and more!

Beyond the new trailer, EW.com goes into a little detail as to what to expect from the game...

"Kinect Star Wars will include a variety of modes set in various corners of the vast Star Wars universe established by the two trilogies. In the "Jedi Destiny" mode -- which will be showcased at E3 -- you play one of several new characters in a story that begins shortly after the events of Star Wars: Episode One -- The Phantom Menace and concludes against the backdrop of Chancellor Palpatine's rise to power on Star Wars: Episode Three -- Revenge of the Sith. However, the story will take players into environments glimpsed or referenced in the original trilogy (episodes four through six), including Bespin, the giant gas planet that's home to Cloud City (see: The Empire Strikes Back). Judging from a video posted by Microsoft-affiliated developer Terminal Reality, the game will also allow you to square off against Darth Vader himself. Good luck with that."

While I know you're already imagining yourself playing the game while weilding your imaginary lightsaber, your movements will also control podracers and starfighters by mimicking the use of controls. Apparently there will also be voice activated controls as well but those details have yet to be revealed. Click here for the full write-up and the aforementioned trailer.

Want a little more? Then check out the video below, courtesy of bamarenlive.com, for more views of gameplay footage.

We'll be sure to keep you posted as more is revealed about the game later today.

UPDATE: So the Kinect Star Wars demo was just revealed during the Microsoft press conference at E3. And what did we see...

- I noted Naboo, Felucia, Tatooine, Utapau, Kamino, speeder bikes, podracers, Cloud City, R2, C-3PO, space combat, Magna Guards, Kit Fisto and more during the opening salvo of game footage clips

- The gameplay demo shows you landing on a beseiged Cloud City in a troop transport along with what looks to be Kit Fisto.

- You hop out onto a landing platform and start battling battle droids with your lightsaber (which was ignited by a voice command)

- From there you need to use The Force to move a droid tank out of your way before battling some battle droids on jet packs

- Watch out! Here come a couple Droidekas from inside the Cloud City complex.

- Once they're out of your way, you move into the hallways and battle more droids before coming across some Magna Guards.

- Kit Fisto seems to be following you and letting you do most of the dirty work. Are we his Padawan?

- The demo ends as you enter the ever so familiar carbonite freezing chamber.

- What's not as familiar are the two hooded sinister figures awaiting you there. They ignite muiltiple red lightsabers each and the demo ends...

Good stuff!!! We'll get video up as it becomes available but we at least wanted to pass along what we initially saw. The locales (besides Bespin) certainly seem to fall within the PT timeframe. The person playing the game for the demo sure did a lot of swinging of his arm for lightsaber use and jumping during combat. Let's all start stretching now!

Keep checking this post and we'll be sure to update the teaser line on the TFN main page as we add more info and video.

UPDATE #2: The trailer that had initially been exclusive to EW.com is now online at the newly launched Kinect Star Wars official site. There are also a few screenshots to view as well.

UPDATE #3: Check out the Kinect Star Wars introduction and demo from the E3 Microsoft press conference courtesy of GameTrailers.com...

UPDATE #4: Starwars.com has posted their reveal announcement for Kinect Star Wars which includes a few screenshots, game details and a look at the box art. Click here!

We're sure to be gettting a number of hands-on reports from E3 2011 and one of the first we've seen for Kinect Star Wars comes from GameSpot.com. The excerpt below will provide a little more insight into the controls, while the full article describes playing through the Bespin level displayed in the Microsoft press conference demo.

"At Microsoft's E3 Showcase event, we got a chance to see if we had the midichlorians one needs to be a Jedi with a playable demo for Kinect Star Wars. Our hands-on experience started with a quick training mode. The instructions were delivered by none other than Yoda, though we couldn't hear him over the din of the event itself. Thankfully, on-screen prompts made the moves he requested of us very clear. We learned that taking a step forward made our Jedi dash forward at great speed, and that holding out our right arm made him activate his lightsaber. At one point, a number of battle droids fired at us, and by quickly swinging the lightsaber back and forth, we were able to reflect their laser blasts right back at them, reducing the fragile robots to smithereens. We also used our Force powers to lift and move a small spacecraft. Perhaps most satisfyingly of all, we learned that when close to a droid, we could deliver a swift kick to send it flying."

UPDATE #5: Continuing with the E3 coverage, here are the latest Kinect Star Wars previews, impressions and videos.

IGN's Kristine Steimer got hands-on with the game and summed up her experience as such...

"I'll need to see more of Kinect Star Wars before I'm fully sold. I had a good time, but I would like it to be more responsive. What will make or break this game though is the storyline, which will be unveiled at a later date."

Engadget.com has a short write-up and video preview that seem to jive with IGN's feeling of a motion lag.

"You can swing your right hand to swipe with the lightsaber, bring up your left for a powerful Force Push, jump to flip over hapless destroyer droids, step forward to dash directly at a foe, and tilt your body to dodge and flip. There's a bit of a delay between the time you gesture and the time the game recognizes your actions, but it generally seemed to follow our saber strokes, and a product manager tells us a lag fix is inbound. Long story short, we can't tell you quite yet if your 1:1 slicing fantasies will be fulfilled."

Gamespot.com has preview impressions, a few screenshots, and the following live demo. (which features the same Bespin level from the EA press conference, but focuses more on the body controls.)

Keep checking back as we'll keep updating!

UPDATE #6: Motion control issues seem to be a new theme emerging from the hands-on Kinect Star Wars previews from E3. Here are two new reports from Guardian.co.uk and ShackNews.com.

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