Welcome to the Alderaan Zoo. This is the place where you can meet Star Wars Pets from all over the galaxy! If you scroll down, you can read stories about all the animals and creatures in the zoo!




Jedi Meg wrote us about her chicken, called "Padme" some time ago (scroll down to read that story). She contacted us with an update, because Padme now has company!

"I previously had sent you a email about my chicken, Padme. Padme has about four other sisters who look just like her. We call them the Queen's handmaidens. They are all Rhode Island Reds and they all stay together. My sister and I pretend that they are Padme, Rabe, Sabe, Eirtae, and Sache."


Sarah writes: "My dogs name is missy but she's really Obi-Wan. She learnd to climb up the Chicken Wire in her cage and get out by putting her paws in the holes and climb up. She also gets my training lightsaber in her mouth and the walls and floor of our basement!"


Natan sent us this great picture of his pet bird: "I thought you might enjoy this pic of my parakeet. This is Carl Davis and Yoda. Yoda is the one on the right. :-) "


Catina Skywalker sent us this story about a fish called Vader "Every year, this school on earth has a fall fair. You can win goldfish by tossing rubber worms into a bowl. I won two and took them home, naming them Darth Vader and the other Admiral Ackbar (bad combonation).

They were fine for a week, then had a struggle over food and poor Admiral Ackbar was sent down the toilet.

A few weeks later, I bought a smaller goldfish from Petsmart. I named him Grand Admiral Thrawn (not too grand, eh?). He was gone by the next day. I gave up on a buddy for Darth Vader.

Then, the 1998 Fall fair came and I won another goldfish. He was tan and timid, so I named him Admiral Piett (real good one, you know, the guy Vader killed before excepting his apology?).

Vader was not pleased with the newcomer. He hogged all the food and would chase Admiral Piett around the bio-tank. Admiral Piett was a goner.

That's 3 goldfish killed almost by the flick of Darth Vader's fin! Maybe I should have considered other names for Vader's victims or named Vader something more innocent like Luke.

I've had Darth Vader for 2 and a half years now. His nicknames are Evil Cabbage, Evil Ani, and Mr. Badstuff. I really hate to insult my own grandfather (the real Vader).

I'm not planning on putting any other goldfish in that bio-tank with him unless their names are Luke, Darth Sidious, Emperor Palpatine, Senator Palpatine, or maybe a Darth Maul. He's surely a trouble maker, but since we've moved back to Coruscant, he's been a lot better.

May the Force Be With You! Katina Skywalker


My Mom has a pet Coy fish the she loves. And she named it, well, it really doesn't have a name... But I got my EPISODE I soundtrack right around the same time she got her fish, and I LOVED the last song, "Augie's Great Municipal Band" So I wanted her to name her fish Augie! But she said no, so I like to say his nickname is Augie!


Vantina "Rosie" writes: "I have a dog named Herculese, and when ever I start playing a Star Wars midi file on my computer of I'm looking up more Star Wars web sites, he sits in my lap. He is very sweet."


We were sent this amusing story about two cats and Darth Maul: "I'm being Darth Maul for Halloween. Well, my black cat (Juliet) is not too pleased with this because she is scared to death of my Darth Maul mask (and even more so of my double-lightsaber)! My mom was holding her one day and I had my mask on my hand, just to see what her reaction would be I held the mask a couple of inches away from her face. Well, let me tell you, she was not happy. First she growled at it, when I brought it just an inch closer she hissed and jumped out of my mom's arms, giving my mom a pretty nice cut with her hind claws in the process! Isn't she a fraidy cat? My other cat (Hobbes) is a different story. I held it next to him and he just sat there looking at me, as if to say "yeah? and I'm supposed to care?" then I stuck it on him to see what Darth maul would look like in a cats body (pretty funny if you want to know) and he just shook it off and walked away. So in conclusion, Juliet=fraidy cat Hobbes=Darth Hobbes."


We received this story about a cat named Obi-Wan: "When I was four (I'm fifteen now) I found a cat and named it Obi-Wan Kenobi, despite the fact that the cat was a girl. Years later, Obi passed away (to this day I find it challenging to watch that scene in ANH because it reminds me of my cat). We moved and I got a new cat named Princess. I was really happy to see that Obi-Wan was a primary character in TPM, maybe as a tribute to my cat? "


We received this story about a Jedi fish: "At camp one day I got a little fish out of the lake and was going to take it home. At camp I named it JEDI but I couldn't hold it all day so I gave it to the nature guy. He said he would give it to me back at the van but he didn't and so he had to take it home with him. Over the night it died... The next day during last period I asked him for my fish and he told me all this and gave me another small fish which I called PADAWAN.


Alexandra and Chris wrote us this story about their dog: "We don't have a pet named after a Star Wars character, but our dog Fred sure thinks he is! One day Fred got stuck inside a pillowcase, and used his "Jedi mind power" and wiggled his way out. Now we say that was his training & we call him "Jedi Master Fred." May The Force Be With You!"


We received a story about some very small Star Wars pets:

"My mice all have star wars names. (what their nicknames are in parenthese). There is (Han) Solo and (Leia) Organa Had three babies names (Anakin) Skywalker, (Obi)-Wan Kenobi, and Chewbacca (Chewie).

(Luke) Skywalker is always hanging around (Yoda), our oldest mouse. (Darth) Vader is really mean, and tries to kill every other mouse (He even tries it on us humans, biting our fingers!). He lives in the big grey cage: the Death Star. And other than Leia, Han is usually with (Lando) Calrissian.

Our fattest mouse is (Jabba) the Hutt. So I've got the whole cast of the movie in three cages (other than the Death Star): Tatooine, Alderaan, and The Millenium Falcon. Half the time it really looks like the movie when I watch them! It is really funny!"


Megan wrote us about a royal Star Wars pet!

"I have a chicken named Padme.? She is a Rhode Island Red.? She is like a handmaiden because she has several other sister chickens that she stays with that look like her!"


We were sent this funny story about a cat and a dog. "It's about my dog (Bear) and my sisters cat (Wiskers). Wiskers allways takes her paw and Bear does the same and it look like they're battleing with lightsabers!"


Salana wrote us this letter about a lot of Star Wars Pets! "Okay, I'm not a kid, but I have lots of Star Wars pet stories to tell. Here is a picture of my guinea pigs playing Scrabble. They also like to watch the Star Wars? Trilogy on the TV, although they have to sit really close to see it.

The orange one, Ippie, is very fond of Chewie and R2D2, mostly because he looks like Chewie and sounds like R2. The black one, Caesar, is very fat and mean, and he likes Emperor Palpatine and Jabba the Hutt. Once I was talking about Episode I, and both my guinea pigs started squealing and begging me, so I had to tell them the movie theater wouldn't sell them tickets.

My neighbor has a dog named Chewbacca, who has fur about the same color as Chewie's, but he's very dumb. (The dog, not the neighbor.) One of my dogs, (named Worf--my brother is a Star Trek fan) is incredibly afraid of my Darth Vader model, and whenever he sees it, he hides under the bed.

Oh, I almost forgot...my brother had a guinea pig a few years ago named Betty, but I called her Darth Vaderette because her face resembled his mask. I never managed to get a good picture of her, though. :( "

CyberJediX mailed us this little story: "My cat isn't named after any SW character, but he acts like Darth Vader! He is always trying to hurt my dog and other cat!"
James Hyatt wrote the following e-mail: "I have reason to believe that our dog is related to the Empire Hoth Wampa, take a look at the picture and see why!"

Jedi Trainee Andrea Gomolak wrote us: "At my house, we have a dog named Jaina Solo (Gomolak), y'know, after Han and Leia's daughter. The way we got that name was when we first got her, we were trying out names that she answered to. All of a sudden (after thinking about Star Wars all the night before) I yelled, "Jaina!" It stuck. We've had her for about 2 or 3 months now- and she is the weirdest dog I've ever met."
We got some funny stories from Andrew Brown about his dog: "I have a dog named Bear.One normal day a very un-normal Bear somehow put in "Return of the Jedi" and took out my star wars action figures and waited until I got back from picking up the playroom."

It looks like your dog is a real Star Wars fan! Andrew also had another story:

"Once when I was playing with the paper doll I printed off from

the "fashion show" my dog came and took it away then she buried it in my back yard and I never found it since then!"
This is Darth! No, I'm not talking about the mask on the left: Darth is the name of the cat who is sniffing at Vader's helmet on the right side of the picture! Darth is the cat of Scott Chitwood, one of the members of the team of TheForce.net. His neighbors used to have a shaggy brown dog named Chewie!

A father wrote us to tell us that his two boys, ages 5 and 8, have a cat that's called Anakin! They must be very happy that Anakin is playing such a big role in the new Star Wars movie!
Bryn Doherty has named his rat after a princess! Listen to this: "Hi there, Rebel Friends! I LOVE Star Wars and right now I'm watching Return of The Jedi. I am training to become a Jedi Knight and so is my pet rat...well, I'm trying to persuade her...her name is Leia. The fur on her head is even black, but not in rolls like the original Leia's.Just like the real Leia, she isn't afraid to use her power...on tissues that is! "
Lyle Earl also wrote us some time ago: "I have a month year old kitten. I named it Chewy (Chewbacca) and that is my story"

That's nice, Lyle. I hope your cat Chewy will be just as nice as Chewbacca, but that he'll stay a bit smaller!

Dj wrote: "This is a pic of my EVIL cat Maul Starring in The Phantom Cat". Very cool picture!

We received an e-mail from Will Law: "here's something to add to your star wars pets. I dont have a picture but I have a story to tell: my dog is always chewing up my star wars  toys! I keep having to hide them!"

Here's what Ian Dimmick wrote us:

"This is a picture of our Cat. His name is Kashyyyk - named after Chewbacca's home planet. 

Why did we call him that? - It just sounded like a cool name for a cat to us, and everyone asks where the name comes from as it's not as obvious as some star wars choices!"

Ian, thanks for the picture. "Kashyyyk"... Now that's the first cat I've ever heard of that has been named after a planet! I heard of a planet named after a dog though... Pluto!

Tom wrote us this: "I don't have any Pets with the names but I think you'll laugh about this. I am a dog groomer and I see all the pet names possible, but one day -about 5 years ago- in my store we had about 25 dogs come in for grooming and we had the whole Star Wars Cast, every dog that day wars named after a Character! Just thought you would like the laugh."
Here's a nice picture of Jared's and Charlotte's dog. Jared is 12 years old and he loves Star Wars. Charlotte is his sister. Apparently their dog loves Star Wars too!
Ken Rice sent us two pictures of his cats: Kethry (Jabba the Cat) and Tarma (Ewok). Later, Ken might add his newest cat, Pixelatious Crumb (Pixel is his kittens actual name).

Andrew Glancey turned a picture of his friendly dog into a picture of a Sith Dog. "I took a picture of my dog Solomon and a picture of Darth Maul and morphed them together with a bit of Photoshop wizardry"


We received this funny e-mail: "My cousin Jeff has a dog named Chewy.And he lives up to his name.He chews on everthing!"
Michael wrote us this wonderful story: "I have a dog.? He's a golden retriever, a year and a half.? A great dog... very cheerful, happy.? He's my companion when no one else in my house wants to watch ANH, ESB, or ROTJ with me again.... When we got him in december of '97, he was a little tiny puppy.? His name's Augie.? Spelled just like that.? When I finally looked at the soundtrack, I was quite surprised to see the last song named after my dog!"
Jeremy Roth wrote: "I thought I'd tell you about my 14 year old cat.? He's your basic yellow/tan mix cat, and we named him Fuzz Ball from the Han Solo quote "Laugh it up, fuzz ball!"? in response to Leia's comment in "The Empire Strikes Back". Needless to say, he is a cool cat."
Anya Jonson wrote us: "Hi! I have a pet dog; she's a golden retriever. Her name is Boba Fett but she's not mean. love, Anya Jonson"
Ciara & Solo Walker wrote us: "Believe it or not, I got a pet goat a while back and named her Solo, because she was the only goat we owned.? Then, I saw Star Wars for the first time, and my heart nearly stopped at the mention of Han Solo! We're thinking about getting another pet & name it Han! MTFBWY (May The Force Be With You), Ciara & Solo Walker "



Do you have a Star Wars pet?

Sometimes people name their pets after Star Wars characters. They call their brown dog "Chewie", or their black cat "Darth"! Do you have a pet with a Star Wars name? If you send us a picture or a drawing of your pet, we'll put it on this page!

But even if your dog or cat isn't called Leia or Han Solo, you can still make a drawing of your cat piloting an X-Wing fighter, or a picture of your dog biting in Darth Vader's feet! Just use your imagination!

Perhaps you even have a photo of your dog eating your Star Wars action figures or some other funny situation that has to do with Star Wars. We'd love to see your drawings and pictures!
Send them to kids@theforce.net or ask your mom or dad to send them to us. Good luck!