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This is a drawing of Princess Leia by Emma, age 5. She drew this picture for her little sister Hannah who wants to be Princess Leia when she grows up.
Picture sent to us Rachel Crowley. Here's the description: "This is my Star Wars character, Darth Taiko, a Sith apprentice centuries before we first see Anakin."
Here's a picture of a female Jedi Knight: "Ok, here's my pic, it's a Jedi Knight named Chera Neesana (who just happens to look just like me), she's from Bakura."
JediKnights by James Heirman. "It's a Jedi version of myself and a friend of mine. My friend doesn't look like a Jedi but he really likes lightsaber weapons!"
"Darth Sam" by Abb. "This is my cat Sam flying a helicopter. He looked black like Darth Vader." 
Episode I Babies - by Matt Horner
Darth Maul Rocks - by Matt Horner
Queen Boocabee of Tetron - by Charlotte