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The Phantom Menace Trivia

*******Highlight the space below the question to reveal the answers!*******

Who is the actress who played Aurra Sing in Episode 1?

Michonne Bouriague (Source: Episode 1 Insider's Guide)

How many prop lightsabers were used while filming Episode 1?

About 300 (Source: Episode 1 Insider's Guide)

Name all 18 of the Podracing competitors who compete in the Boonta Eve Race in Episode 1.

1. Anakin Skywalker
2. Sebulba
3. Ben Quadinaros
4. Ratts Tyerell
5. Arc "Bumpy" Roose
6. Neva Hee
7. Ody Mandrell
8. Elan Mak
9. Clegg Holdfast
10. Boles Roor
11. Teemo Pagalies
12. Aldar Beedo
13. Dud Bolt
14. Mars Guo
15. Ebe Endocutt
16. Gasgano
17. Wan Sandage
18. Mawhonic

(Source: Episode 1 Insider's Guide)

Name all of the actors (according to the credits) who played Jedi Council Members.

Adi Gallia - Gin
Mace Windu - Samuel L Jackson
Eeth Koth - Hassani Shapi
Sasee Tinn - Khan Bonfils
Plo Koon - Alan Ruscoe
Yarael Poof - Michelle Taylor
Ki-Adi-Mundi - Silas Carson
Even Piell - Michaela Cottrell
Oppo Rancisis - Jerome Blake
Depa Billiba - Dipika O'Neill Joti
Yaddle - Phil Eason
Yoda - Kathy Smee, Don Austen, David Greenaway, Frank Oz
(Source - The Making of Episode I)

Who did the body motions of C-3PO in Episode I?

Michael Lynch (Source - StarWars.com)

What other role did Ahmed Best play in Episode I besides Jar Jar?

Ahmed Best also played a senator in the background as an extra. (Source - Starlog (#269))

What is the official name of the Trade Federation Lander?

C-9979 Landing Ship (Source - Star Wars Insider #46)

What color is the Senate interior and why was it chosen?

Lavender, because it was the only color not associated with war, anger, or mourning in any culture in the Republic (Source - Episode I Visual Dictionary)

What type of engines are on Anakin's Pod?

Radon-Ulzer engines. (Source - TPM Novelization)

What aliens from a non-Star Wars film can be seen in the Senate?

E.T's from Steven Spielberg's E.T. - The Extra Terrestrial. (Source - SW Insider #45 - Subscriber's Supplement)

What was the first scene filmed in Episode I with the entire main cast present?

The scene where the Queen's Ship arrives on Coruscant and the Queen meets Valorum. (Source - The Making of Episode I)

What is the Queen's Amulet made of and who gave it to her?

It is made of transparisteel and stone and was given to her by her father. (Source - The Queen's Amulet)

What inspired the blue and white stripe design on Anakin's pod?

The paint design George Lucas had on a sports car in his youth. (Source - The Art of Episode I)

What real world language was Huttese inspired by?

Ben Burtt used words and phonetic spellings of the Incan language of Catua to create Huttese. (Source - The Making of Episode I)

What is JAK Productions? What does JAK stand for?

JAK Productions was the name of the production company formed specifically to make Episode I. JAK are the initials of George Lucas' children, Jett, Amanda, and Katie. (Source - The Making of Episode I)

Who played the voice of Tey How?

George Lucas' oldest daughter who goes by the name Tyger. (Source - The Making of Episode I, Rosie O'Donnell Show - May 1999)

What was the budget for Episode I and what did it end up costing?

The budget was $120 million, but it came in at $115 million. (Source - Rick McCallum, Star Wars Insider #45)

According to the Episode I credits, who played Jabba the Hutt?

Himself. (Source - The Making of Episode I)

Who was the voice of Darth Maul?

Peter Serafinowicz. (Source - The Making of Episode I)

What 3 characters did Jerome Blake play in Episode I?

Rune Haako, Oppo Rancsis, and Mas Amedda. (Source - The Making of Episode I)

What does the Huttese word "shag" mean?

Slave. (Source - Episode I Illustrated Screenplay)

Who owned Anakin and Shmi before Watto?

Gardulla the Hutt. (Source - Episode I Illustrated Screenplay)

Who sits in the Senate podium with Chancellor Valorum?

Sei Taria and Mas Amedda. (Source - Episode I Visual Dictionary)

What is the name of the Wookiee Senator from Kashyyyk?

Senator Yaru. (Source - Episode I Visual Dictionary)

What was the froglike creature called that Jar Jar tried to steal? Who was the vendor?

The frog was a "gorg" as it is called in Huttese or "chuba" as it is called in Basic and was sold by Gragra. (Source - Episode I Visual Dictionary)

What is the name of Gardulla the Hutt's assistant?

Diva Funquita. (Source - Episode I Visual Dictionary)

What determines placement on the starting line of the Pod Race?

A combination of Performance Statics, Bribery, and Random Chance. (Source - Episode I Visual Dictionary)

Which 4 characters did Silas Carson play in Episode I?

Nute Gunray, Ki-Adi-Mundi, Republic Cruiser Pilot, and Lott Dod. (Source - The Making of Episode I, thanks to Droideka for question))

What is the top speed of Sebulba's Pod?

829 kph (515 mph). (Source - Episode I Visual Dictionary)

Who made Anakin's Pod Racing Helmet?

A local craftsman named Taieb. (Source - Episode I Visual Dictionary)

What is the name of the river that turns into a waterfall in Theed?

The River Solleu. (Source - Episode I Visual Dictionary)

What is the Naboo alphabet called? (Note the handwritten and formal have different names.)

The handwritten form is called the futhork. The formal form (seen on the ships) is the futhark. (Source - Episode I Visual Dictionary)

What are "Eyes of Mesra"?

They are small fortune telling devices that children of Mos Espa play with. It is an old tradition (kind of a Star Wars Magic 8 Ball, I guess). (Source - Episode I Visual Dictionary)

What 3 groups make up the Naboo Royal Security Forces?

The Security Guard, the Palace Guard, and the Space Fighter Corps. (Source - Episode I Visual Dictionary)

How many platforms line the Senate Rotunda?

1024. (Source - Episode I Visual Dictionary)

What is the name of the Gungan army?

The Grand Army. (Source - Episode I Visual Dictionary)

How many worlds does Palpatine represent in the Galactic Senate?

36. That includes his homeworld of Naboo. (Source - Episode I Visual Dictionary)

Where is Otoh Gunga located on Naboo?

In the deep waters of Lake Paonga. (Source - Episode I Visual Dictionary)

Besides the light side and dark side, Lucas says the Force breaks itself into two sides. What are they?

From the book The Making of Episode I - Lucas: "The Force itself breaks into two sides: the living Force and a greater, cosmic Force. The living Force makes you sensitive to other living things, makes you intuitive, and allows you to read other people's minds, et cetera. But the greater Force has to do with destiny. In working with the Force, you can find your destiny and you can choose to either follow it or not."

What is the name of the lead Destroyer (or Wheel) droid that attack Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan on the Battleship?

P-59. (Source - Episode I Illustrated Screenplay)

Name all of the Queen's handmaidens. Which left Naboo with her?

Eirtaé, Yané, Rabé, Saché, Sabé (who doubles for the Queen), and Padmé (the Queen's handmaiden disguise). Eirtaé, Rabé, and Sabé disguised as the Queen accompanied Amidala (disguised as Padmé). (Source - Episode I Visual Dictionary)

Where did Anakin say deep space pilots claim to have seen angels?

The Moons of Iego, he thinks. (Source - Episode I Illustrated Screenplay)

What are the names of Sebulba's blue twin Twi'lek slaves?

Ann and Tann Gella (Source - Decipher Young Jedi Cards)

What are the ages of the following characters in Episode I? - Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, Jar Jar, Anakin, Amidala, Palpatine, Ki-Adi Mundi, Mace Windu, Yoda, Yaddle, Shmi, Wald, Kitster

Qui-Gon:60 , Obi-Wan:25, Jar-Jar:20, Anakin:9, Amidala:14, Palpatine:50, Ki-Adi:60, Mace:40, Yoda:Approxiametly 870, Yaddle:477, Shmi:40, Wald:6, Kitser:10 (Source - Episode I Insider's Guide)

Who was the lone survivor among the original Sith?

Darth Bane (Source - Episode I Novelization)

What 4 characters did Warwick Davis play in Episode I?

Davis played Wald (Anakin's Rodian friend), Weasel (in Wattos box), an unnamed Mos Espa extra (when Jar Jar, Qui-Gon, and Padme first enter the city), and Yoda in one scene where the Jedi Council walk down a ship ramp on Naboo. (Source - Warwick Davis)

Who played Bib Fortuna in The Phantom Menace and in Return of the Jedi?

Matt Wood played him in TPM (Source - Dateline), Michael Carter played him in ROTJ (Source - Michael Carter :)

In a scene filmed, but not released with Episode I initially, who does Anakin get in a fight with?

Greedo (Source - Episode I Illustrated Screenplay)

Where do the Gungans get their energy balls from?

Dennis Muren said the following during a June 15, 1999 chat with the Official Site and Talk City: " There's a back story to the energy balls, and where they came from. George started talking about them one day, and said that they were mined underground by the Gungans. They could power the city where the lights came from, or could be molded into a hard, round object with the energy sealed inside, and a hard crust that would crack and spew out the energy plasma that would short out the energy circuits of the droids. It's interesting to me that he'd thought out how they were mined - and George does that with so many things."

Who did Qui-Gon sell Anakin's Pod to?

Sebulba (Source - Episode I Novelization)

What was the name of the glowing ball that Amidala gave Boss Nass in Episode I?

The Globe of Peace (Source - Episode I Illustrated Screenplay)

Who was the character wearing the Leia-like gold bikini in Jabba's Pod Race Box?

Diva Shaliqua (Source - Episode I Visual Dictionary)

Who taught Shmi her technical skills?

Her former master Pi-Lippa. (Source - Episode I Visual Dictionary)

Name all of the Pod Racers in Episode I.

Anakin Skywalker, Sebulba, Gasgano, Boles Roor, Ben Quadinaros, Teemto Pagalies, Wan Sandage, Aldar Beedo, Ark "Bumpy" Roose, Mars Guo, Dud Bolt, Ody Mandrell, Clegg Holdfast, Ebe Endocott, Elan Mak, Mawhonic, Xelbree, Obitoki, Ratts Tyrell, Neva Kee, Terter, Bozzie and Habba. (Sources - Episode I Illustrated Screenplay, Who's Who, and Visual Dictionary)

What was the wooden pendant that Anakin gave Padme made from? What does it bring?

A "japor snippet". Anakin says it brings good fortune. (Source: Episode I Illustrated Screenplay)

Droidekas, or destroyer droids, were built in the image of their insect-like creators. Who were they?

Colicoids from Colla IV (Source: Episode I Visual Dictionary)

What is Anakin Skywalker's first line in Episode I?

Mel tassa cho-passa...(I was cleaning the bin like you...) (Source: Episode I Illustrated Screenplay)

Name all 12 members of the Jedi Council in Episode I.

Yoda, Mace Windu, Ki-Adi-Mundi, Yaddle, Eeth Koth, Yarael Poof, Saesee Tiin, Plo Koon, Adi Gallia, Depa Billiba, Even Piell, Oppo Rancisis. (Source: Episode I Who's Who)

Why was Jar Jar Binks banished from Otoh Gunga?

He accidentally flooded most of Boss Nass's mansion and several adjoining bubbles while working as a waiter at a high-class party. (Source: Episode I Visual Dictionary)

What does the red mark on the Queen's lip represent?

It is called the red "scar of remebrance" and it marks Naboo's time of suffering before the Great Time of Peace. (Source: Episode I Visual Dictionary)

Why does Yoda chew on his gimer stick cane?

It contains natural plant substances that aid in meditation. Or at least that's what Yoda says. :) (Source: Episode I Visual Dictionary)

What do AAT, MTT, and STAP stand for?

Armored Attack Tank, Multi Troop Transport, Single Trooper Aerial Platform. (Source: Episode I What's What)

Which Senators are up for the position of Chancellor after Valorum is voted out?

Senator Palpatine of Naboo, Senator Bail Antilles of Alderaan, and Senator Ainlee Teem of Malastare. (Source: Episode I Illustrated Screenplay)

Who is the Vice Chair of the Galatic Senate?

Mas Amedda. (Source: Episode I Visual Dictionary)

What two major Tatooine features does the Mos Espa arena lie near (besides Mos Espa)?

Metta Drop and the Old Town ruins. (Source: Episode I What's What)

Which Pod Racer is a notoriously wealthy glimmik singer?

Boles Roor. (Source: Episode I Who's Who)

Which real world sports announcer did Greg Proops pattern the pod race announcer after?

Seattle Mariners announcer Ron Fairly.

Which famous pop star wanted the role of Jar Jar?

Michael Jackson. The following comes from a Rolling Stone interview with Ahmed Best: Once, in London, Portman, Lucas and Best went to a Michael Jackson concert. "Backstage, George introduced me. He goes, 'This is Ahmed, also known as Jar Jar Binks.' I thought, 'I wonder why he said that.' Come to find out, Michael was campaigning for the part. George said to cast him would compromise the movie because he's such a big star."

Which pod racer entered the Boonta Eve Pod Race on a bet with Boles Roor?

Ben Quadinaros. (Source: Episode I Who's Who)

Which Jedi Council member warned Chancellor Valorum of the probable Trade Federation invasion of Naboo?

Adi Gallia. (Source: Episode I Who's Who)

What Jedi Council member was rescued by Mace Windu at the age of 6 months when their parents were killed by Space Pirates?

Depa Billiba. (Source: Episode I Who's Who)

How did Even Piell lose his eye?

In combat against seven terrorists. (Source: Episode I Who's Who)

How many Padawans has Qui-Gon trained?

Three. (Source: Episode I Visual Dictionary)

Why did Ben Quadinaros' pod racer malfunction in Episode I?

It was sabotaged by Ark "Bumpy" Roose who was actually trying to sabotage Anakin's pod, but got the wrong one. (Source: Episode I Who's Who)

Who instructed Obi-Wan before he became Qui-Gon's Padawan?

Yoda. (Source: Jedi Apprentice #1 - The Rising Force by Dave Wolverton)

Why is the ship Radiant VII colored red?

Red is the color of ambassadorial relations and neutrality for spacecraft of the Galactic Republic. (Source: Episode I Incredible Cross Sections)

Which Jedi Council Member is NOT a Jedi Master?

Ki-Adi Mundi is a Jedi Knight, not a Jedi Master. (Source: Episode I Scrapbook)

Who rules the Gungans?

The High Council, led by Boss Nass. (Source: Gungan Frontier Video Game)

How many horns does Darth Maul have?

Ten. Two on the temples, Seven in a "crown", and one on the back/top.

Lucas told designer Iain McCaig to base Darth Maul on his second worst childhood nightmare. What was it?

According to the April 19th 1999 Time, it was Bozo the Clown.

What two defensive capabilities does a Destroyer Droid have?

According to SW Insider #43, it transforms into a nearly impervious massive armored wheel, and it has deflector shields.

What was the inspiration for Watto's demeanor?

According to Rob Coleman in Wired May 1999, it was based on Alec Guinness's Fagin in Oliver Twist.

What is the Sith probe droid called that is used for spying?

According to SW Insider #43, a Sith "dark eye" probe droid.

What is in a battledroid's backpack?

According to SW Insider #43, a sophisticated comm system, including several transmission antennas and an encryption/decryption computer.

What colored markings designate a battledroid commander, pilot, and security officer?

According to SW Insider #43, orange is for a commander, blue for a pilot, and maroon for a security officer battledroid.

How do you fold up a Pod Race pit droid?

According to SW Insider #43, you hit it on the "nose" - the circular feature on the front of the head.

Where the Gungan get their name from?

George Lucas says "The Gungan were named by my son Jett, but he didn't know what he was doing. He was only two. It was a word that he used to describe heavy machinery." (Premiere, May 1999)

What was the Trade Federation Droid Fighter referred to during production?

The "vulture droid" according to SW Insider #43.

What did Doug Chiang say he based the Battledroids look on?

According to Wired, March 1999, he based them on "the stylized and angular forms of tribal African art."

Who in the Star Wars Universe manufactured the Trade Federation's MTT's and ATT's?

Baktoid Armour Workshop. (Source: Episode I Incredible Cross Sections)

Who designed the costumes for Episode I?

Trisha Biggar.

In TPM, what is the submarine called that is used to transport Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan and Jar Jar underwater?

It is called a "Bongo"

Who was the casting director for Episode I?

Robin Gurland.

What color are the costumes of the Senate Guards according to the new TPM stick erbook?

Blue. Here's a link to the story.

Who plays Wald, Anakin's young Rodian friend in Episode I?

Warwick Davis, who also played Willow and Wicket.

Of TPM's 2,200 or so shots, how many do not have digital postproduction effects?

300 according to Entertainment Weekly.

How did George Lucas describe Naboo in the February 1999 issue of Vanity Fair?

A "pleasant, middle-of-the-road, happy Midwestern planet" where citizens are well educated and cultivated in the arts.

How old is Anakin in Episode 1?

9 yrs old.

What did Lucas compare the Jedi Knights in Episode 1 to in the February 1999 issue of Vanity Fair? Samurai, Marshals, Cops, Medevial Knights, or Superheroes?

He said they were like Marshals in the old west.

According to George Lucas in the Feb. 1999 issue of Vanity Fair, who is the phantom menace?

Darth Sidious and Darth Maul.

Which Jedi is a polygamist?

Ki-Adi-Mundi. His species has a 20-1 female to male ratio, so they have multiple wives.

What color is Ki-Adi-Mundi's lightsaber?

According to the comic "Prelude to Rebellion", purple.

How many years before "A New Hope" does "The Phantom Menace" take place?

32 years.

How tall is Qui-Gon Jinn (Liam Neeson)?

6 feet 4 inches. 7 foot with an afro.

What is Jedi Council member Ki Adi Mundi's homeworld?


What is Captain Panaka's job?

He is Captain of the Naboo Guard and personal protector to the young Queen.

What is a STAP?

The STAP is a small, one-pilot repulsorlift vehicle outfitted with two laser cannons.

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