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Jedimaster Simon H. Lee's Trivia Challenge

In order to view the answers to the questions, simply highlight them with your mouse in the blank spaces below them. Doesn't work? Then use the "View Frame Source" feature on the browser to look at the answers.

What 10 Academy Award nominations did ANH get in 1977? Which did it win?

(ANH won the categories marked with a *) Best picture, Supporting Actor (Alec Guinness), Direction, Original Screenplay, Art Direction*, Sound*, Costume Design, Film Editing*, Visual Effects*, Original Score*. Ben Burtt also got a Special Achievement Award for sound effects creation.

How many arms does the gas masked Cantina Alien Nabrun Leids have?

He has four arms.

What two creatures was Chewbacca described as resembling in the ANH script?

"A huge gray bushbaby monkey with fierce baboonlike fangs."

What does Nabrun Leids, the gas masked alien from the Cantina, breathe?


What is the name of the Mos Eisley Cantina?

Chalmun's Cantina

At what point in A New Hope does C-3PO not h ave his restraining bolt anymore?

In Ben's Hut. In a scene cut from the film, Luke repairs Threepio, then goes to put the bolt back on. C-3PO shies away from the bolt, and Luke decides not to put it back on. He does not wear it for the rest of the film

In a scene cut from the Cantina Sequence, Han Solo has a woman in the booth with him. What was her name?


What is the diameter of the first Death Star?

120 kilometers or 75 miles.

When the Stormtrooper finds the droid part in ANH ("Look sir! Droids!"), what piece was it and who was it from?

It was a metal O-ring from C-3PO's left knee joint.

According to the A New Hope novelization, what was Luke Skywalker thinking about when the Millennium Falcon blasted into hyperspace away from Tatooine?

"A dog he had once owned"

What character from A New Hope was originally going to be a "huge green-skinned guy with no nose and large gills"?

Han Solo

In the scene in A New Hope where Han pops up out of the hidden compartment in the Falcon, what movie was the music inspired by?

It was based on the famous cue from PSYCHO (1961) by Bernard Herrmann. It was used in the temp soundtrack by Paul Hirsch, and since Williams was a big Herrmann fan, it stuck.

What is the following Star Wars quote from? "Still, even a duck has to be taught to swim." "What's a duck?"

It's from Ben and Luke's first conversation in the A New Hope novelization.

What was the first version of the line "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away" in the fourth draft of Star Wars?

The original line was "A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away an incredible adventure took place".

What is the very first quote by Princess Leia in the A New Hope novelization?

"They were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Naturally they became heroes."

Darth Vader's full title is...?

Dark Lord of the Sith

How long is an Imperial-Class Star Destroyer?

1600 meters/1 mile

The previous owner of C-3PO and R2-D2 was...?

Captain Antilles

The names of Luke's uncle and aunt.

Owen and Beru Lars

What languages does Luke's uncle want 3P0 to speak?

The binary language of moisture vaporators and Bocce

What was Luke told (by his uncle) that his father did?

Navigator on a spice freighter

Where was Luke going in order to evade having to clean the droids?

Tosche Station (to pick up some power converters)

Where did Luke's uncle want the droids working in the morning?

The south range

C-3P0 is fluent in over...?

Six million forms of communication

Stormtroopers on Tatooine ride on...?


Sandpeople a.k.a. this riding on these.

Tusken Raiders on Banthas

Obi-Wan's rank in the Clone Wars.


Ben lives "beyond the...?"

Dune Sea

Luke finds R2-D2 in the...?

Jundland Wastes

Luke lives near the town of...? (Told to take R2 there, offers to take Ben there.)


Name of Sandpeople's axe.

Gaderffii or Gaffi stick

When questioned, Luke tells the stormtroopers that he's had the droids...?

Three or four seasons

The deformed fellow who attacks Luke in the cantina is condemned in over...?

Twelve systems

The Millennium Falcon is docked in...?

Docking Bay 94

Luke can't get the full asking price for his landspeeder because of this new model.


The stormtrooper whose armor Luke appropriates is numbered...?


Luke claims Chewbacca is a prisoner transfer from cell block...?


Leia's cell block is...?


The Death Star command triumvirate is composed of Tarkin and General... and Admiral...?

Tagge, Motti

TIE stands for...?

Twin Ion Engine

Wedge's last name is...?


Identify all of the Rebel pilots who die over the Death Star by name and squadron number.

Red Leader, Red Three (Biggs Darklighter), Red Four (John D.), Red Six (Porkins), Red Ten, Red Eleven, Gold Leader (Dutch), Gold Two (Tiree), Gold Five (Pops)

What canyon did Luke claim the trench resembled?

Beggar's Canyon

Which ships are seen escaping the Death Star's explosion?

2 X-wing, 1 Y-Wing, the Millennium Falcon

Threepio wants to donate these to help fix the Darth- toasted Artoo.

Circuits or gears

What was the name of Princess Leia's Correllian Corvette which was attacked at the beginning of Star Wars: A New Hope?

The Tantive IV

Who could ride in the aforementioned ship?

Only the Royal House of Alderaan could ride in the Tantive IV. Apparently, this ship had the only Alderaanian soldiers and weapons in existence. They demilitarized after the Clone Wars.

Who was the captain of the aforementioned ship?

Captain Antilles. I've never seen a first name given, although some of the early drafts of Star Wars had the name "Bail Antilles" in them.

Someone else was originally going to fly the mission. Who? Also, why did Leia end up flying the mission?

Leia's step-father, Bail Organa was going to take the mission. Leia talked him out of it, reasoning that since she was always going on mercy missions in the Tantive IV, it would look less suspicious. When she left, it sealed both thier fates.

How was Princess Leia to pick up the plans to the Death Star?

The Tantive IV was to enter a solar system and pass close to the planet Tuprowa (where the Rebels who had stolen the plans from a convoy were--Leia and her step-father had learned the location of the convoy from a slip by Lord Tion). The plans would then be transmitted on a tight beam to the Tantive IV. The battle to capture the plans for the Death Star was the first major battle for the Rebellion, and it's first victory.

What is the name of the planet that Princess Leia claimed the rebel base was on in Star Wars, A New Hope?


How did the Ronto from SWSE get it's name?

It was a retrofit from the Jurassic Park Brontosaurus model, so the CG artists were calling it a "Bronto." George Lucas suggested dropping the 'b' and calling it a "Ronto."

What is the name of the rock formation Luke flew through in Beggar's Canyon?

The Stone Needle. Flying through was called "threading the Stone Needle."

What were the names for the three computer animated creatures put into Star Wars Special Edition?

Dewback, Ronto, and Scurriers. (Yes, Dewbacks were in the first, but they weren't computer animated.)

What was the ILM nickname for the pilot of the swoop that scared the dinosaur-like creature?

Bubba Fett

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