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Multiple Star Wars Movies

*******Highlight the space below the question to reveal the answers!*******

Time interval between Star Wars and Return of the Jedi.

Four years, six months

Name the four types of Rebel starfighters.

A-wing, B-wing, X-wing, Y-wing

Name the four types of Imperial TIEs.

TIE Advanced (Darth's), TIE Bomber, TIE Fighter (and variants), TIE Interceptor (The above two questions excepting things that LucasArts has come up with.)

What specialized stormtrooper types appear in the movies?

Standard, Sandtrooper, Snowtrooper, Scout, Royal Guard

The Millennium Falcon is armed with...?

2 quad laser cannons, 2 concussion missile tubes (8 missiles), ventral automatic blaster cannon

(Good) Jedi don't die, they just...?

Fade away (sorry, I couldn't resist)

The original Millennium Falcon design looked too close to a TV show sp aceship, so it was changed to the present design. What was the show?

Space 1999.

A Stormtrooper's armor has "energy sinks" that help absorb blast energy that hits the armor. Where are the energy sinks located?

They are blocks that hang from the utility belt on both of the hips.

What were the last words of the Emperor, Obi-Wan, Darth Vader, and Yoda before they died?

The Emperor - "Now Young Skywalker, you will die." or "Aaaaaaaaaaaa!"
Obi-Wan - "You can't win Darth. If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine."
Darth Vader - "Tell your sister....you were right."
Yoda - "There is another Sky...walker..."

Which characters uttered the phrase "May the Force be with you" in the films?

Han Solo and Dodonna, both in A New Hope and Luke Skywalker at the end of The Empire Strikes Back. All the rest were variations and don't count like "The Force will be with you, always" - Ben or "May the Force be with us." - Admiral Ackbar

How many actors and actresses from the Star Wars films can you name that have family members in a Star Wars film as well?

Mark Hamill (Luke) and Nathan Hamill (Ep. 1 Extra). Denis Lawson (Wedge) and Ewan McGregor (Young Obi-Wan). Jake Lloyd (Young Anakin) and Madison Lloyd (Princess Ellie). Melissa Kurtz (Jawa, Bespin Citizen, Rebel) and Tiffany Kurtz (Jawa, Bespin Citizen, Rebel). Femi Taylor (Oola) and Benedict Taylor (Ep. 1 Pilot). Nishan Hindes (Ep. 1 alien) and Nifa Hindes (Ep. 1 Alien).

What character, in one early discussion before a script was written, was planned to be one of the last clones from a planet of clones?

Lando was, at one point, discussed as being a clone. He would have come from a planet of clones where each city is a clan of identical members, and he would have been the long lost leader. That was dropped, obviously.

Wedge's various roles in the trilogy.

Red Two, Rogue Three, Red Leader

Places where something similar to "I've got a bad feeling about this..." is uttered.

Luke on approach to Death Star, Han in trash compactor, Leia in space slug, Threepio inside Jabba's palace, Han on the spit

Occurrences of Threepio shutting self off or being shut off. (Bonus: Cite the damage incurred by R2 and 3P0 in the trilogy.)

Star Wars: Seemed a little catatonic in sandcrawler until R2 arrived, but this probably doesn't count. "Faints" during Tusken Raider attack. Closes down in Kenobi's hut. Empire: Switched off by Leia while they're hiding on the Avenger's backside. Shot by stormtroopers. Turned off by Chewbacca in prison cell. Jedi: May have been knocked out by a Gamorrean guard during barge battle, and may have fainted after falling out of Ewok net. Bonus: Star Wars: Artoo: shot by Jawa ionization gun. (We can assume that something similar happened to Threepio.) Threepio: dust contamination in desert. Threepio: loses arm in Tusken Raider attack. Artoo: shot by Darth Vader's TIE. Empire: Artoo: Swallowed by swamp monster, dropped on ground when Luke loses concentration. Threepio: shot by stormtroopers. Artoo: plugs computer interface arm into power socket. Threepio: bashed about the head by Chewbacca while boarding the Falcon. Jedi: Threepio: Smashed by Jabba and Gamorrean. Eye gouged by Salacious Crumb. Artoo and Threepio: Fall off sail barge, fall out of Ewok net; Threepio hurts his head. Artoo: Dropped on ground in Ewok village. Artoo: Shot by stormtrooper.

Name the three actors who played Darth Vader's voice, body, and face. Name the actor who was in the Vader costume in the scenes added to the Empire Strikes Back Special Edition.

Darth Vader was played by James Earl Jones (voice), David Prowse (body), Sebastian Shaw (face of Anakin), and Andrew Nelson (body of Darth in ESB:SE, Dark Forces, Taco Bell commercials)

Name 15 characters from Star Wars who appeared in more than one movie (not Including the Special Editions).(This question came from Jedi-Leaper Blake off the newsgroups! Thanks!)

The Characters names are: Luke, Leia, Lando, Han, Chewy, R2, C3PO, the Emperor, Boba Fett, Darth Vader, Wedge, Admiral Piett, Ben, Yoda, and the hard one...Dengar, the Bounty Hunter. Need proof on Dengar? Click on the link below.

For proof see below

Is there a difference between Fett's costume in ROTJ and ESB? If so, what?

The color of Fett's jet pack is different between the two films!

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