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Name: Jeremy Bulloch

Aliases: Boba Fett

Species: Human

Homeworld: England

Political Affiliation: None

Weapon of Choice: Mandalorian Armor

Vehicle of Choice: Slave I

Jeremy Bulloch

Unfortunately, we were not able to have dinner with Jeremy Bulloch, but we did talk to him a little. (Brian Baxter, our #1 fan, did have dinner with him and interviewed him! See the interview below!)

Darin can now say something that very few of you can. He had an amazing life changing experience that he'll talk about till the day he dies. Darin can say...

"I peed next to Boba Fett."

Darin met Jeremy Bulloch in the bathroom after dinner. As they...ummm...took care of business, Darin said 'Hi' to Jeremy. Jeremy said 'Hi back and they started talking.

Darin asked Jeremy if he remembered John 'Dak' Morton (who we interviewed earlier). Jeremy said he remembered him very well! Darin asked if it was true that John filled in for Jeremy on the 'He's no good to me dead' scene. He said he did remember it and it was true!

Darin told Jeremy that he had John's phone number and Jeremy said he would give old Dak a call. Cool!

We also asked Jeremy for an on-line interview and he said he would like to. Hopefully we'll hear from him soon!

Jeremy also mentioned Aaron Proctor from THE BOUNTY HUNTERS. We mentioned that we knew Aaron and that we looked forward to Jeremy being on-line soon.

Then something strange happened. Jeremy put on a Fett Helmet and started cruising around looking cool.

Then we though, "Hey, let's get a picture with Jeremy!"

Then he did that slow Boba Fett turn and said, "You're no good to me dead....but Chitwood, on the other hand...." That's when I lost it.

OK, so that last stuff wasn't true, but it sounded good, eh?

The cool thing about Jeremy is that he remembers you. I only talked with him a few minutes, but later the next day when I saw him in the middle a hundreds of people, he waved and yelled out, "Hello, Scott!" It was only a simple gesture on his part, but it left a great impression on me. Bulloch is truly a great guy and Star Wars is better for having him aboard.

The following is a very special report given to us by our #1 fan, Brian Baxter. He actually had dinner with Bulloch and sent us this report. (Brian is also pictured above in the Royal Guard Outfit)

When I arrived at the dinner, I was a little embarrassed because I seemed to be the only person in a T-shirt. My fears soon disappeared when Jeremy Bulloch walked up to me and told me that that was an incredible shirt, and that he has one just like it. He then introduced himself, and we all took our seats. He thanked us all for coming, and invited us not to be shy. "Ask anything that you wish, I will answer the best that I can." he said. He then asked us all to go around the table and tell him a little about why we were here.

Four of us at the table were hired by Ben and the convention to dress-up (Jeff as Vader, Jim as Boba Fett, Brandon as a Royal Guard, and myself as a Royal Guard) so naturally we wanted to ask him if he thought that fans went a little overboard with their obsessions with Star Wars, and what he thought when fans dress up at this sort of thing. He said that he always felt that the people that did not dress up had the problem. Jeremy said that he has been dressing up for 27 years, and that he saw nothing at all wrong with it. If fact he stated multiple times that he could not wait to see the costumes in person. He then proceeded to tell us about what happened the first time that he ever donned the Boba Fett suit.

He said that he went in to interview, and Irvin Kershner, asked him if he would try on the suit. He agreed, but when putting the costume on he had a lot of problems. He said that he put on the knee pads, then tried to sit down. The were held on by Velcro. They popped off and flew across the room. Jeremy said that he was so embarrassed that he thought for sure that he would never get the part. His next mistake came when he put on the helmet. He stuffed what he thought were the character hair pieces up into the mask. When Irvin turned around, he said "Jeremy, where are you doing? Those are Wookiee braids, not your hair.". Once again, he thought for sure that he was never going to get the part. At this point they wanted him to walk around the sets and get used to the costume. Jeremy said that this was the day that they were shooting Mark Hamill hanging upside down in the Wampa cave. When he walked on, it was like shooting stopped, and everyone looked at him. It was at that moment that he knew that Boba Fett was not the actor inside, but the costume that made him great. He also realized that he was there to improve on the way the costume looked and acted.

Next, the conversation changed to talk about the prequels. Jeremy talked about the good relationship he has maintained with George Lucas, and he mentioned the rumor that Boba Fett will be in the future movies. He said that if he was asked, of course he would do them; but due to his age (55+), and what little time that he had now-a-days, that he might not do them. He also followed this statement with what I thought really summed up this man. He said "With these tours, I will complete the last thing I wanted to do in life. I have done theater, television, motion pictures, had a cult following, and traveled around the world. What more can any person want? So, if I died today, I would be a happy man."

To me, Jeremy was the most impressive guest there. I was able to talk to each one of them individually, and he was the one who seemed the most enthusiastic about meeting the fans. One of the nicer things was that he seemed like a real person. Even the next day, he remembered my name, talked to me about his breakfast, and made small talk. He always looked at you and acted like he was truly interested in what you had to say. Over all, it was one of the nicer experience I have ever had.

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