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Only This Generation Has the Legend

You are living in a special time.

If you didn't realize it yet, this is a very unique time for Star Wars fans. In just ten months, we will be sitting in theaters watching Star Wars: Episode II. The only problem is, is that it could also be known as the second to the last Star Wars movie ever made.

According to our best information thus far, including word from Lucas himself, we are at a time just prior to the release of a Star Wars film, a time that will again occur only one more time. In the months preceding May of 2005, fans will sit in anticipation of the very last Star Wars movie. Hopefully I'll be sitting right here at TFN to join in on the madness of those last days.

Just think, in the future people will only be able to look back at Star Wars, they'll never be able to look forward to it like you and I. Sure, they might reissue the films again in theaters and there's the never-ending possibility of a Special Edition XII but it will never be the same again. And I don't know about you, but there's something cool about waiting for a Star Wars movie. Knowing only bits and pieces, lining up, speculation and spy reports are things to really get excited about.

Should we petition George Lucas to make Episode's 7-9? While I would love to watch the sequels with a renewed interest no doubt, Lucas' plans are very definite. Not to mention the fact that I would be happy just to see Indiana Jones 4 made as well for that matter.

My point then?

Regardless of what you thought of Episode I (this editorial written the day EOnline called it the worst sequel ever!), it is one of the last movies in the Star War universe you will ever see. The excitement over a new spoiler or a bit of dialogue won't happen again after 2005. Yes, there will still be books and the EU, but it will never be the same. You are living in a special time, so enjoy it. Someday fans of Star Wars will look back at you with envy like the minions of current fans who weren't born before 1977 and missed all of the hoopla of the original movies. I was born in 1974 so was right in the middle of the excitement, right in the thick of things. There's some great childhood stories that will be told for generations to come.

You know the ones I'm talking about, right? Going into Star Wars: A New Hope not knowing a thing about the movie. Having all of the vintage toys open on your bed, a collection today that would be worth thousands. Watching it premiere on TV with a dozen friends around the TV set, hissing at Vader as he entered the Blockade Runner, screaming as Luke's one-in-a-million shot goes in and the Death Star explodes. There isn't enough money to buy the memories I have of that time. To this day I don't have a single unopened figure, but I've got a shoebox full of guys without guns, a torn up Slave I and memories that are priceless.

So don't let the dawn of Episodes II and III pass you by. Make friendships and get to know people on the boards, send in the cool observations you find and enjoy looking forward to a great movie - it is the second to the last one that will ever be made. Impress your friends with your Episode II knowledge as you wait in line for Final Fantasy this week, drool as the new Select picture appears on your screen on Thursday. Grumble when TFN Digital is a day late or there's still not a new Making of Video on the Official Site. Live the legend that it will someday become.

You are living in a special time, make sure you're making the most of it.

Joshua Griffin
July 13th, 2001

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