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The Winner for Jaina Solo is ...

Lacey Chabert

Lost In Space, Party Of Five (TV)


The person who plays Jaina Solo ideally needs to be able to pass for a teenager between 14 and 16. A naturally beautiful (just look at her parents), fiesty, physically fit young lady. We've got to believe that this girl could wield a light saber after all. It would also help if she was a good actress who wasn't too famous.


Here are some Jaina Solo facts taken from the Unofficial Star Wars Encyclopedia:


Here's a section from R.A. Salvatore's Vector Prime with an apt description of Jaina Solo:
"Jaina, sixteen years old, but with the mature and calm demeanor of a veteran pilot. Jaina looked a lot like Leia, with long dark hair and brown eyes contrasting sharply with her smooth and creamy skin. Indeed, Leia saw much of herself in the girl - no, not girl, Leia corrected her own thoughts, but woman. That same sparkle behind her brown eyes, mischievous, adventurous, determined."


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Casting Call - Final Results

Who do you think would make the best Jaina Solo?

Meghan Ory (123) 18%
Danielle Fishell (13) 1%
Isla Fisher (76) 11%
Michelle Tractenberg (36) 5%
Lacey Chabert (218) 33%
Scarlett Johansson (19) 2%
Liesel Matthews (144) 21%
Jena Malone (26) 3%

655 Total Votes

The Candidates
Name: Isla Fisher
DOB: 03.02.76
Filmography: Home & Away (TV)
Comments: Australian (Lucas likes to cast local talent). Looks a bit like Leia.
Name: Meghan Ory
DOB: ??.11.??
Filmography: Higher Ground (TV)
Comments: From the same talent pool as Hayden Christensen.
Name: Lacey Chabert
DOB: 30.09.82
Filmography: Lost In Space, Party Of Five (TV)
Comments: Already has experience of playing a teenager in a sci-fi movie (Lost In Space).
Name: Liesel Matthews
DOB: 14.03.84
Filmography: Air Force One, A Little Princess
Comments: This would be the second time she'd be playing Harrison Ford's daughter.
Name: Scarlett Johansson
DOB: 22.11.84
Filmography: Horse Whisperer, Home Alone 3
Name: Jena Malone
DOB: 21.11.82
Filmography: Stepmom, Contact
Comments: She played the young Jodie Foster in sci-fi movie Contact.
Name: Michelle Tractenberg
DOB: 11.10.85
Filmography: Inspector Gadget, Buffy The Vampire Slayer (TV)
Name: Danielle Fishel
DOB: 05.05.81
Filmography: Boy Meets World (TV)

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