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Ed Helms Talks Yoda & The Economy

Posted By Mike on March 14, 2012

SW.com points us over to Moviefone.com where Ed Helms gave an interview to promote his upcoming film with Jason Segel, Jeff, Who Lives at Home. Apparently businessman Yoda is a topic in the film and in the course of the interview, Helms discusses how Yoda could help fix the economy. Check out the excerpt below and then make sure to click here for the full read, that also includes video.

"I have to ask, since it's an important question that gets raised in this movie: How would Yoda be in a business meeting?
If Yoda were in a business meeting, it would have this ripple effect. He would explain how The Force could solve all of our economic problems and we would not be in this terrible recession.

I think we need that!
I know. Here's the best part. We can have that. All we need to do is get George Lucas to write a scene in which Yoda is in a business meeting and that's the same thing. Then we can just use that scene and it would fix the whole economy. Here's what we have to do: Someone ... what's his name, Ben Bernanke, needs to call George Lucas, and just say, "George, what would Yoda do about the economy?" And all George has to do is write that scene and get that response in Yoda's voice and we'd have a solution to everything. I think we should all be calling on George Lucas a lot more in a a "What would Yoda do?" context.

I love it. This is my new favorite political movement.
(When asked the same question, Segel answered, "Oh, Yoda would slaughter. Everyone would just be so confused. They'd sign on the dotted line. He'd lull them into acquiescence." Would it solve the recession? "That's probably true. He's a pretty wise dude.")"

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