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Little things that could have changed the galaxy, Episode I Edition

when jar-jar is put into the astromech hold he acidentally breaks R2-D2 instead of the red one.
by AJFlick

Boss Nass: "Life debt or no life debt, Binks stays here and dies!"
by Josh Becket

If Anakin hadn't won the race
by leia3000

If Shmi never became a slave and Anakin was born in the Galatic Rebublic and he became a normal Jedi and was never turn to the Dark Side.
by Kyle MacNair

If Obi Wan had spent a little more time practicing his sprinting skills.
by Darth Flo Jo

"A city? Can you take us there?" "On second thought, no, not really, no." "Oh, ok. Never mind, then."
by Omry

"No pod is worth two slaves. Not by a long shot." "The boy, then." "Fat chance, outlander."
by Omry

"You can't take Her Royal Highness there! The Hutts are gangsters! If they discover her..." "Ok, ok, you're right. We'll find someplace else."
by Omry

Hey, Qui Gon, does this gas smell a little funny to y......
by YodaGirl

"The ability to speak does not make you intelligent. Now get out of here." "Ok, ok, mesa goin."
by Omry

Obi-Wan: Well, I promised Qui-Gon I'd train this kid, but since the council seems so against it . . .
by Inara Kenobi

Obi-Wan: Here, Master. Endor."
by Mace Poodoo

(Darth Maul appears) Qui-Gon: We'll take it from here. Amidala/Padme: Actually, if we all shot at him, he couldn't deflect our shots and fight two Jedi . . .
by Darth "Aluminum" Sidingous

If they hit r2d2 instead of all the other droids.
by webrunner

Nute Gunray: Actually, I think we'll put the main reactor in a little, out of the way place, with no thermal vents or holes in the ship. Haven't you seen the other movies?
by Darth "Aluminum" Sidingous

"Why do I sense that we've picked up another pathetic life form?" "Your right...forget him, lets go..."
by Ki_Adi_Mundi

What if Anakin couldn't think up a pick up line as good as "Are you an angel?"
by Ki_Adi_Mundi

Queen: I beg you to help us. Our fate rests in your hands. Boss Nass: Meesa no believen yousa! Kill dem!
by Dia-Mar Anadi

by Timothy

Qui-gon: Anakin, drop! Anakin: Huh? (Whack)
by Darth Smaul

If Maul just said, "Can't we all just get along?"
by Lor-Alla Arki

The final, climactic battle involving Yoda boring the droids to death with his "It's not easy being green" dance number
by Desmond Seah (http://come.to/pageostuff)

If Queen Amidala didn't call for a vote of No Confidence.
by Emperoress Palpatine

If Obi-wan's lightsaber was a different color. Star Wars fans would revolt against Lucas Films for the lack of consistancy and EpII and III are cancelled.
by Emperoress Palpatine

Amidala: Okay, Viceroy! If you give me a 500 republic credit gift certificate at J.C. Penney's, I'll sign your dumb treaty!
by Darth Brian.

"The boy is dangerous. They all see it, why can't you?" "You know, Obi-Wan, you're right. Forget the boy."
by Erin

Obi-Wan: Master, we are short on time Qui-Gon: Good point. so long JarJar, drop us a line sometime ::walks off::
by Exar Kun

Instead of power, Senator Palpatine was interested in soft money and cute interns, like normal politicans.
by Scott C.

If R2-D2 were running Windows2000 and "locked up" just before getting the shield generator on-line.
by Jedi Dave

What if Boss Nass had taken the use of a Decoy as a lie by the Naboo to trick the Gungans?
by Darth Varmint

Obi Wan's shoes didn't have as much traction, and he skidded into the energy shield.
by Chima Webol

"It's dangerous, Artoo? Gee, maybe I should go back to Naboo where it's safe. Okay, turn the ship around."
by Salana

Amidala: "I want to know what's going on in Mos Espa, but it's so *dirty*! Um...Rabe, you go!"
by Salana

Obi-Wan: "By the Force, look at that guy! He's creepy and he just killed my Master; how can I beat him? AAAAAH!" (He is brave Sir Obi-Wan, who bravely ran away)
by Salana

Panaka: "You can't take Her Highness there! The Hutts will kill her!" Qui-Gon: "Good point. Let's go to Myrkr instead."
by Salana

"Investigation? Well I guess I don't mind my people suffering while you discuss this in a committee. Investigate away."
by Obi Cool

Anakin to Gui-Gon: No thanks. I don't want to be a jedi that badly. I'd rather stay with my mom!
by Bratty Jedi

Chancellor Valorum sent Ki-Adi-Mundi instead.
by Bah Humbug

Jedi mind tricks don't work on Boss Nass.
by Bah Humbug

Obi-Wan: We are short of time. Qui-Gon: You're right. Let's go.
by Bah Humbug

Qui-Gon didn't let Padme come with him and Jar Jar.
by Bah Humbug

Sabe, pretending to be the Queen, signed the treaty.
by Bah Humbug

Aurra Sing noticed Qui-Gon was a Jedi and killed him at the Podrace.
by Bah Humbug

What if Darth Maul had not paused to gloat over his victory, and would have just killed Obi Wan off quick and painful like.
by Captain Morgan

Shmi: Don't enter the Boonta. I die every time Watto makes you do it. Anakin: Ok, mom.
by Bah Humbug

Palpatine wasn't elected chancellor -- Bail Antilles was instead.
by Bah Humbug

The Trade Federation invaded Tatooine, not Naboo.
by Bah Humbug

A misnavigation through the core.
by Bah Humbug

Anakin: I can't do it mom. Shmi: Ok you can stay here. You'll be free some other time.
by Bah Humbug

Anakin's proton torpedoes hit the battle droids.
by Bah Humbug

The Neimoidians went on strike.
by Bah Humbug

"It's ver-r-y c-c-c-old." -"You come from a warm planet." -"S-s-o c-cold. I can't f-feel my legs...g-gettin dark...Mommy, MOMMY? -Medic!
by Newt Raygun

What if Anakin ask Padme "What's your sign?" instead of "Are you an angel?"
by Obig-Wan

If Watto had said, "Nubian? Whatta piece of bantha poodoo. No bet."
by Whatto?

What if Darth Maul ("Fear is my ally...") sensed Anakin's nature ("I sense great fear in you..."), foresaw that Anakin would replace him at the side of Darth Sidious ("I'm being downsized?") and decided to kill him from the speederbike ("Fear THIS, whelp!
by super boomer

"Um, your highness, I hate to be the one to break this to you, but we stopped issuing grappling hooks to the troops after your last round of budget cuts."
by Darth Wally

"Shure! Republic credits are fine!" -Watto
by PeacheyBee

OB1: "OK, Yoda. If you feel so strongly about it, I won't train him. Never liked the little brat anyhow."
by Jar Jar Jinx

"Messa called Jar Jar Binks. Messa your humble servant." "That won't be necessary." "Okiday. Bye"
by Jar Jar Jinx

Yoda: "Before you go back to Coruscant, Viceroy, tell me who put you up to this, and how come the Sith warrior ended up with you in here?"
by Jar Jar Jinx

What if female Jedi Council members were allowed to speak?
by Jar Jar Jinx

"Who is his father?" "Let me put it this way, Qui Gon: you are nine years behind on child support, and I don't take republic credits either."
by Jar Jar Jinx

Shimi: "Will you take him with you? Is he to become a Jedi?" Qui Gon: "No, not really. He is to become an evil Sith lord and bring chaos and bloodshed to the galaxy." Anakin: "Cool."
by Jar Jar Jinx

If Watto wouldn't let Anakin pilot "Qui-Gon's" Pod in the Boonta Eve race.
by Mara Jade

MACE:"No, he will not be trained." QUI-GON:"Dang. That sucks. Let's go Obi-Wan."
by Cwazy Gungan

If the Princess had bought a Toyota spacecraft, It wouldn't need a new power unit after only 30,000 light years!
by K. C.

What if Amidala hadn't switched with her double before going to Mos Espa? "That maniac Jedi has bet the ship on some slave kid winning a pod race? Is he nuts? Tell him to get back here immediately!"
by Grandma Tarkin

What if the Nemoidians hadn't gotten their battle droid army from the lowest bidder? They might actually have been effective against the Gungans and the Jedi! (Perhaps this is why the Empire went with real, live stormtroopers instead of droids.)
by Grandma Tarkin

What if the Nemoidians had practiced good systems design and DIDN'T control their battle droids from one single point? (It seems that nobody in the Star Wars universe has ever heard of failover strategies and backup systems. Pretty odd for a civilization so technically advanced.)
by Grandma Tarkin

What if Anakin didn't decide to hide inside a Naboo starfighter during the fire fight in the hanger? He'd have spent the battle crouching in an alcove somewhere (or perhaps have been killed in the crossfire); nobody would have destroyed the Nemoidian control ship, and the war would have been lost!
by Grandma Tarkin

What if Jar-Jar Binks had been run over by a battle droid transport? Much annoyance would have been prevented!
by Grandma Tarkin

What if Queen Amidala told her fashion advisors to kiss off and slouched around the throne room in cut-off shorts, ratty sneakers and a "Naboo Starfighters Kick @ss" t-shirt?
by Grandma Tarkin

Anikin: "You'll never make it, sandstorms are very dangerous!" Qui-gon: "No, I think we will get there in time."
by Darth Frieza

Viceroy- Will you sign the treaty? Queen- No. Viceroy- O.k. I guess we will just have to leave then sorry about the trouble.
by Obi-Paul Kenobi

If Qui-gon had gone to a different junk dealer.
by Anonymus

On the Queen's spaceship, Oueen: "Padme, clean up that droid, mop the floors, air out my wardrobe, and clean-up Jar Jar's litter box." Padme: "THAT'S IT YOU LITTLE WEASEL! GET OF MY THRONE AND OUT OF MY CLOTHES BEFORE I'LL KICK YOUR BUTT INTO HYPERSPACE!"
by Jar Jar Jinx

Meeting the Gungans: Padme: "I'm the Queen." Sabe: "She's lying!"
by Jar Jar Jinx

Darth Maul appears. Qui Gon: "We'll handle this." Amidala: "No way old man. I've seen you trying to *handle this* on Tatooine. You two Jedi boys distract him, while I'll shoot him" (Queen never misses).
by Jar Jar Jinx

"Hold on a minute, master. I believe the, yup, that's it, the hyperdrive isn't plugged in. Just let me, almost, uh, uh, there, all better now. Corescant here we come."
by wookie bic

Palpatine: No, it's ok. Leave the blockade there. The commision won't mind.
by Steve the Jedi

{Boss Nass} Sorry Queen or who ever you are, we dont wanta help you. We will just run for our lives, thank you.
by Bekybob13@aol.com

During the podraceing scene, the balcony holding Jabba collapses from all the weight into the croud..killing him a several others..
by Bekybob13@aol.com

If Anakin hadn't ducked
by Darthboy

If the tusken sniper had aimed just a little to the left........
by joe gonzalez

Qui-Gon: Y'know, we don't really need Jar-Jar to help navigate through the core; the Force will guide us!
by Darth Twinkie

Jar Jar: Better dead here than dead in the core! Qui gon:Have it your way
by Matt

Anakin:You have a lightsaber, only jedi carry those. Qui Gon:Maybe I killed a jedi a took his lightsaber Anakin:You killed a jedi? You murderer!! I won't help you!!
by Matt

Qui-Gon (dieing): "Obi-Wan, promise me that you will tr...*ughhh*"
by Andrey Summers

If someone had waxed the thing that Obi-Wan was hanging from in the final fight with Darth Maul.
by Jesse Vaderdude

If someone had blasted Maul as soon as those doors opened....
by Brooke

Don't shoot at that ship it's the queens. You could damage the hyperdrive.
by Joe Kantor

For the first time in the history of the Galaxy someone's hyperdrive actually works and the Jedi and company go merrily on their way to Coruscant bypassing Tatooine completely.
by Jedi Master Julia

Watto:"Republic credits? Sure, but the storms coming up. How bout you stay at my place while I send the boy home?"
by JediViper

If Anakin told Padme "Hey baby, you must be tired 'cause you've been running through my mind all day!"
by Obi-Wan Jabroni

Amidala: "We are your humble servants." Boss Nass:"Weesa no like yousa. Yousa be punished." Gungans kill everyone.
by Lady Vader

If the equipment in the Naboo foghter was defective and said Anikan's Medi-chlorian count was adverage.
by Live4PSX@AOL.com

Anakin sells C3PO, adds the money to the profits from selling the podracer and manages to buy his mother's freedom.
by Kai JInn Kenobi

Watto: "..speaking of which...howse de gonna pay for all this?" Qui-gon (igniting lightsaber): "Pay?"
by Kai JInn Kenobi

What if there wasn't a bigger fish?
by Deadeye Knight

If Obi-wan had not specified told Ric Olie to 'fly low' after telling him to 'take off' ....
by Kai JInn Kenobi

Ship Captain: "Dantooine? Sure thing." Qui-Gon: "No, no! Tatooine, I said Tatooine!" Captain: "Too late, I already set the course."
by Deadeye Knight

"What? What did you say?" "The ambassadors are ordinary men with long hair, I believe." "Excellent! We can go see them right away without any chance of giving up the blockade!"
by Senator Patpatine

If Qui-Gon had stopped the ship to stare at three paragraphs of yellow text flying through space, and the Trade Federation blew him out of the sky.
by Senator Patpatine

If the Viceroy had had a 'decoy/protection/loyal bodyguard'-type person...
by Kai Jinn Kenobi

Battle Droid: "You're under arrest." Qui-Gon: "D'oh, looks like the jig is up"
by Deadeye Knight

If all the Gundans talked like James Earl Jones . . .
by Senator Patpatine

WATTO "Nubian? We got none of that, no."
by Ric "Oil of Olie"

If the transport ships in the swamp had realized they had just run over one of the Jedi they were looking for....and decided to back up and finish the job.
by Kai Jinn Kenobi

"Now that I think about it the captain is right.....we shouldn't go to a planet run by the Hutts. What was I thinking."
by danlarabee@aol.com

What if Qui-Gon had let that tank make roadkill out of Jar Jar?
by Taarkin

What if spinning hadn't been such a good trick?
by Tyree

sebulba wips out a blaster....."stedeba joh vor foma"-" good bye slave scum"
by mr. binks

Opee Sea Killer makes friendly witht he other fish, they share the Bongo.
by RebelCommander

(On Coruscant) Maul: Master, I wouldn't lean on that railing. Sidious: Nonsense, my young apprentice. I believe it is perfectly capable of supporting my weigh(crack) AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhSPLAT!
by 1stStalin

"Gas! Don't breathe it, Obi-Wan!" "Wha? Tis makes me feels all funny likes I's can fly and..."(falls to ground)
by 1stStalin

Mace Windu: You believe this boy will bring Balance to the Force? Qui-Gon: Umm.. Now that I think about it, no. I'll take him back to Tatooine.
by Darth Trae

Darth Maul: I guess the trace wasn't correct. There's no Queen or Jedi on Tatooine. I'll go back to Coruscant.
by Darth Trae

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