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What would you give George Lucas for Christmas?

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A Jar Jar doll with my autograph, oh wait!!! My own versions of starwars (by Micah)

A full set of Expanded Universe novels..... (by Rogue)

Luck. he's gonna need it. (by Jayde Jade)

My resume...I want to work for ILM (by Chris Dick)

A treadmill (by Smurfette)

I'd give George a high five for creating the Star Wars Universe. I feel very privileged to have seen Star Wars in 1977 from the beginning and to take this very special journey. (by Mike)

Some positive encouragement. It's not like he's getting it from anyone else... (by Portmaniac)

The inspiration and desire to do another three Star Wars movies after these are done to complete the set!!! (by Indigo_Jade)

Some time off!!! We appreciate your hard work George! (by boba foot)

A comb (by Wookiee)


A new flannel shirt. I swear, the guy needs 'em. (by me)

I'd give him my own personal design for a EP3 poster! (by Princess1)

A bookshelf for all those copies of 'Lord of the Rings' (by Steven Cavanagh)

I'd give him a great big "Thank You" for the many years of enjoyment his wonderful saga has brought me. (by Spewey)

A copy of my new movie on VHS. Then a year and a half later the same movie on DVD. (by Duke Vader)

A handshake for creating my two favorite movie series Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Because without them, my life wouldn't be the same. I would also give George the award for Best Picture of 1999, along with the other awards which he undeservedly lost in 1999, like best Visual Effects. (by Luukeskywalker)

Another billion dollars (by Anddre Wicha)

My phone number and e-mail address. (by SlytherinHouse)

I would give George Lucas a doll of himself (by Judith Walker)

My eternal gratude for sharing (by greedo74)


1138 kisses under the missletoe. : (by SySnootles)

A script for Indiana Jones IV (by DrJones)

A list of possible episode III titles (by Brian)

The new Star Trek DVD (because I bet he doesn't have it). (by TyeDyeBoy)

Love and understanding....Goodwill to men. Get it? (by Darth Oliver)

A big sloppy kiss - mwah! (by Princess Liar)

A simple thank you. (by Adam)

A X-wing shaped spaceship that has outer space flight capability. (by Vesna)

A rest from making AOTC. A LOTR ticket would be just the thing. (by Jedi knight Pozzi)

I would give him a gigantic "Thank You" for creating the Star Wars universe, and inspiring me to become a film maker. Also, some positive feedback FOR ONCE!!!!!!!!. (by Sean)


A big ol' thanks (by darth hair)

I would give him a picture of me. And I would thank him so much for creating Star Wars! (by JediJen)

The force (by santa)

A plate of nachos and a coke (by Drakeling)

A Harry Potter action figure (by Jonathan)

Respite from all the nay-sayers AND those with too-great expectations. Make the movie you want to make, George. It's OK, honest. (by Valeda Kor)

A "Lucas: Beneath the Flannel" VHS (by jedifire17)

Enough money to make Indy IV. Let's see, we'll say 10 million for Ford, 10 million for Connery, 10 million for Spielberg to direct, hmm..... Well, I'll be laying off some elves this coming year. Also, I'd tell him that Jar Jar was a wonderful character and that those who complain that he wasn't are just jealous that didn't come up with him themselves. (by Santa)

Another plaid T-shirt is what I would give him of course. (by Kiefer Greig)

A thank you. (by Gedaly Guberek)


A DVD player (by jango-joe1)

One solitary day without the complaints of his "fans" (by Kitster)

The health and desire to make one more trilogy after this one. (by Scott)

Motivation to make Episodes 7, 8 and 9! (by Dakk)

A Yoda mug, complete with special Yoda tea. (by BlueGoblin)

The spare time to complete the original trilogy and Indiana Jones DVDs (by Jason Fletcher)

A R2-D2 Coffee Mug (by Angel)

Hmmm.... what doesn't George have?....... (by AnakenSolo)

My collection of saved Episode I ticket stubs, and a thank you for being the only person capable of taking me back to age five all over again. (by Malla Tam)

My thanks for TPM, it is not as bad as people say. (by JediYoda56)

Responses: 1-50, 51-100, 101-150, 151-200, 201-250, 251-255 
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