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Report From Star Wars Night With The Buffalo Bisons

Posted By Mike on June 22, 2012

Our friend Lawrence of the North Ridge Fan Force has picked up our No Fan Left Behind torch and ran with it in his report on the Star Wars Night with the Buffalo Bisons that was held in Buffalo, New York on June 9th. Thanks Lawernce!

"Even though rain was predicted and expected, it did not deter a record crowd at Coca Cola Field who eagerly anticipated a storm - STORM OF SITH, the next chapter presented at the 5th annual Buffalo Bisons' STAR WARS game. Over 15,500 were in attendance, and even though it rained briefly during the 3rd inning, play was not stopped, nobody left, the skies cleared and excellent conditions prevailed for the rest of the evening.

Once again, 30+ members of the North Ridge, Buffalo's Fan Force chapter, with an assist from Echo Base and the Canadian Base of the Rebel Legion and Garrisons Excelsior and Carrida of the 501st, strove to provide a game of STAR WARS entertainment. In addition to character photo stations, Bison's mascot Chip in carbonite (the prop from last year's adventure) made an appearance. Laser swords and T-shirts with the special STAR WARS Bisons' logo sold briskly. Many STAR WARS characters participated in game day promotions like the fist pump, base races, 7th inning stretch Kiss Cam (Vader smooching mascot Belle the Ballpark Diva) and of course Vader singing ?Take Me Out to the Ball Game,? in tune this year.

The real excitement began at the end of the 5th inning, as the 1st of 6 filmed chapters played on the HD Jumbotron, setting up the epic battle on field after the end of the game. Each episode wove a concise plot thread ? The Emperor's scheming, the Jedi training, then searching the stadium for Sith, the mysterious Jedi Galen Marek, who might be a Sith double agent, all leading to a climactic confrontation. Each filmed segment was met with wild applause, the anticipation building till the 9th inning. After the game, the segments were repeated, then the lights went down, and the combatants moved into positions across the diamond.

After a few dedications to departed members of the Star Wars and North Ridge families, a brief recap video played onscreen, and then the battles began. Overseen by the Emperor and his entourage of Vader, Grevious, and Mara Jade, the Sith forces sparred against each other in pairs. Then Palpatine commanded Darth Maul and Savage Opress to test the other Sith. This was interrupted by the arrival of Luke and Galen, who led the Jedi forces onto the field to engage the Sith. Midway through, the Emperor stopped the battle with a field-wide Force push, after which Galen revealed himself to be Sith and fought Luke while the Jedi and Sith combatants regained consciousness. Luke defeated Galen - the crowd going absolutely wild at this solo duel ? but they were hushed into silence as the Emperor revealed he had captured the mascots and many other Jedi. There were audible gasps from the audience as Luke, in order to save the mascots and prisoners surrendered, followed by stunned silence as the Sith slaughtered their dueling combatants on the field, leaving the mascots and Jedi prisoners alone on the field amid the bodies. A final video transmission then played, revealing a ship full of Jedi forces making their way quickly to the rescue, setting up next year's finale.

The tumultuous applause afterwards was rivaled only by the boos and jeers as the Sith took their bow.

You can see more pictures and video at The North Ridge Facebook page and Youtube channel."

Thanks to Eric for the image assistance!

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