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EP3 & Star Wars Exhibition in Peru

Posted By Britany on May 18, 2005

Giancarlo from The Force Per? writes:

Infinito II (Infinities II) in Larcomar

The rescue in Geonosis, the battle of Hoth, the podrace in Boonta Eve, the Mos Eisley Cantina, the Lars homestead. Darth Vader's helmet and mask, Jango and Boba Fett, the stormtroopers. Comic books, books, magazines and graphic artists posters about the entire saga. All the memorable sequences of Star Wars are present in Infinito II (Infinities II), the biggest exposition of Star Wars collection made by peruvian fans, organized by The Force Per? with the support of UVK Larcomar Multicinema, Larcomar commercial centre and Warner Fox Per?.

Infinito II receives a lot of media coverage, including TV peruvian channels and newspapers. It will be on until 31st May, in 128-B stand in Larcomar commercial centre (district of Miraflores, Lima, Per?).

Also, The Force Per? wants to announce the beginning of the vigilia (watch) for the opening of Episode III. There will be three people (one permanent, two rotative) making row in UVK Larcomar Multicinema, until the midnight screening.

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