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a word from the director

[Kevin Rubio] A Word from Kevin Rubio
Director of "TROOPS"

Well, here it is - finally. I hope it was worth the wait. Although my name has been splashed across several web pages and articles related to TROOPS; I am not the sole person responsible for this film. TROOPS, like most films, is the result of a collaboration of some very talented individuals living and working (sometimes) here in Los Angeles. I'd like to take this opportunity to single out several of them.

Shant Jordan (pronounced "Shaunt") and Patrick Perez, my good friends and Prod./FX Supervisors: Their FXs are what raise this film to an entirely different level, and it the biggest reason why TROOPS is as popular as it is. Both they and I know this, but I wanted to express this in a public forum. Believe it or not, this is not their best stuff. Some of the shots we had planned out would blow you away! Time just didn't allow for us to include them. You may yet see them on this site along with a brief write up on how they pulled this off.

Eric Hilleary and his entire crew: David Max, Caleb Skinner, and Kohar and Kenar Yegyayan. THANK YOU SO MUCH! They are the designers of the stormtrooper costumes, and the people wearing them. All of them gave more than I could have ever hoped for. Although you will only see Eric's storyboards at this site - all of them are incredibly talented artist. Their place looks like one big model shop adorned with original concept ships and props that would put some sci-fi shows to shame. I hope I'll be able to utilize their talents to the fullest in the future.

Charlotte Fullerton and the good people at POST LOGIC in Hollywood: They are the reason that the film sounds as good as it does. Bryan Arnett, Fred Howard, and Connor More, spent two weeks volunteering time after hours to ADR, foley, and mix the film. To them and their wives, who didn't see them for the all the nights I held them hostage - BIG BIG THANKS!

Chris Gore (Editor and Chief of Filmthreat Mag): Chris is, more than anyone, the reason you guys are able to see this stuff. He was one of my biggest supporters and cheerleaders for this film. He is also a very talented person in his own right. I ask you to please take the time to check out his web site at filmthreat.com where you will be able to see more photos and storyboards of TROOPS, as well as what's going on in the world of "real independent" film making. The site is entertaining and every helpful to al you indie-film makers out there. Chris, I'm forever grateful for all you've done. (Make a print out of this so that you can throw it back in my face if I land a big production deal and start acting like an ass)

TheForce.Net: Thanks for all the time and effort that you've put into this.

Chrissy Hagar and EVINRUDE (you know who you are): for keeping my spirits up and my sanity in check when I was only getting 2 hrs. Of sleep a day and driving all over town to supervise editing, sound mixing, and FX simultaneously. I love you both!

Finally: George Lucas (don't tell me y'all didn't see this coming) Thanks for three very entertaining films.

Like the end credits say: It is illegal to sell, purchase, or make any money off of this video whatsoever. It was made for our amusement and yours (and to showcase the under used talents of the participants) So don't even think about selling it! If you do I will hunt you down and kill you...

I've put the film on this site so that no one will have to pay for it. And I know it's being bootlegged because I bought a copy this weekend! So to all you bootleggers out there: I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE AND BREATH! Please stop selling it! I'm not making a dime off of this and it really pisses me off when you do! And, to all fans, please don't buy a copy. It's not worth the dime.

Ok, enough with the yakking. Enjoy the stuff on the site, have a nice day, and may the force be with you...

Kevin Rubio

Director, Troops

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