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Log file opened at: 5/5/00 5:41:37 PM

*** Azeem has set the topic on channel #FanFilms to Tonight's guests are the creators of the film PA Wars.

Azeem: I would like to welcome our guests tonight...creators of the hilarious PA Wars. Guys, here's your chance to talk to the fans who have loved your film.

Azeem: Go ahead PA..some opening words

PA: We've been overwhelmed by the response. Thanks guys and gals

threedee: you earned it

Zayn_Angel: *2nds that*

Han_Duet: oh yeah

BigChris: Yep

PA: we didn't even know if we should send it in

threedee: what! the horror

PA: Palpitadd was especially doubtful. after we saw the visual effects of the other shorts we were scared

lo||i: I thought the fight scene was pretty cool, especially when Palp got stuck in the door.. anyway, why didn't you guys rotoscope the sabers?

PA: no time. 75 hours each - people seem to like no rotoscoping

Azeem: PA..when you are done with an answer..give me an END

PA: oh...okay...end

Han_Duet: What was the restraining bolt prop made out of?

PA: oh yeah...top of the darth maul candy container and a script brad

PA: end sorry dude

darkatx: oh...what will be the sequels movie length

PA: we're thinking about 5 minutes...end

Subject_Ze: why did you decide to use a Taco Bell Yoda cup? Was it a comic choice or you guys just went, "Damn, we need a Yoda!" and that was the only one you could find?

PA: we thought of course it would be funny, but really we had no budget, so frank oz was not available...end

Zayn_Angel: question: how did you do that little 'force running' effect at the end?

PA: super-imposed and then sped up the shot...and then ran real fast...end

threedee: ok, well you know when Sponikan walks into Qui-Stay's office with the coffee, what's that first line he says? I never understood it :)

PA: "hey, hey, qui-stay, you save me a bagel or what?"...end

threedee: ohh

BigChris: How long did it take you to shoot the hole thing?

PA: one week of shooting over eight months time...we're sick...end

anrev: how many more films are you going to make?

PA: the sequel--duel of the fakes--then who knows?

Azeem: darkatx...go

darkatx: LOL...all this END stuff is killing me....were there any injuries on the set during the lightsabre duel?

PA: oh yeah, give me a second... qui-stay-gon got jabbed in the eye by palpitadd. Spone scraped the hell out of his knee. we all got whacked in the face multiple times...end
PA: oh yeah, we went through at least 5 qui-gon sabers and three cameras

Subject_Ze: How did you come up with such a strange plot?

PA: we lived it ,baby...end

Bryan868: Will the Yoda taco bell cup be back for EpisodeII? It was hilarious!

PA: maybe yoda will fight this time..end

The_Scream: Where was PA filmed? WHos poor office did u take over and say "we're makin this movie thing, we need to have fights in here, so can ya clear out?" We had to fight to get a maccas for 20 mins...

PA: we fought in our hollywood office. we shot a lot after working hours, but plenty during...we can't really say what show due to obvious reasons...end

Azeem: My turn - okay guys, what's with the boy humping the dog in the background??? Didn't think we'd catch that

PA: ooookay...not intentional...not intentional...it was a cardboard cutout for the show, but yeah, it is obscene...end

Azeem: Eric found it...I'll let everyone else have to find it for themselves...an easter egg in the film

PA: if you look really close you can see the name of the show hidden in the background...anyone notice it...end

darkatx: think so

Azeem: I didn't...we couldn't read it

The_Scream: ok thats it - Im gonna watch again - back in a sec

PA: we've got a trailer coming very, very soon for part2

threedee: yay

PA: spone wants to know if anyone liked the force jump?...end

Zayn_Angel: as quite as possable *i liked it*

threedee: Ok well I thought I had good ears and I hope this isn't annoying but, "you know, you should listen to the little green guy, now it's too late for the..." what?

Azeem: for the both of ya's

PA: both of youz. my deniro impression -- you like...end

Pszabo99: never done this before..forgive my ettiquette...how long did it take to coreograph the duels?

PA: mmmm...weeks of practice...we were lovin' it of course...we were making it up before we knew we were even going to shoot this thing...end

Pszabo99: it was really fun to watch...great job

PA: wait until part 2-- you will see fighting like never before...i swear...end

Azeem: with you guys...i can believe that

Pszabo99: cool

threedee: when Qui-Stay slashes yoda and Spone yells "noo" his voice sounds altered...

PA: no, that's all spone's magic

threedee: coooool

PA: spone should be the new anakin--what do you think...end

threedee: hehehe

Bryan868: Who did the voice of the Yoda cup?

PA: qui-stay-gon

Bryan868: good job, hehe

PA: thanks dude...end

Azeem: PA...did you guys break anything in office jumping all over the place?

PA: the ceiling was toast...yoda green marks all over the wall from the death scene...broke a lamp...end

threedee: green marks?

PA: yeah...the paint from the cup...end

threedee: whoa :)

darkatx: oh any famous cameos 4 the sequel

PA: could be...could be... by the way...we're gonna be in a couple conventions soon...end

The_Scream: What does Spone say when he gets hit in the arm? And how did u break 3 cameras??

PA: "sweet han, luke and leia"...end

threedee: lol

The_Scream: lol

threedee: I was wondering that too

Azeem: PA...the cameras

PA: qui-stay dropped the first hi-8...the next one broke on its own...then a regular 8...end

Azeem: PA...which conventions are you going to?

PA: jediUK in July, then another one in Tacoma, WA...we'll keep you updated ...end

Azeem: If you guys are around...we are going to ComiCon in July 20-22 in San Diego

PA: palpitadd always goes...the rest of us might wanna go too...we'll talk, huh...end

Azeem: Okay..any more questions for our guests?

PA: come on, anything

BigChris: What is your favorite fan film? Other than yours of course.

PA: troops kicks much butt...evan cinema rocks...end

The_Scream: How did u choose the music? Stayin alive is my fav bit in the film

PA: well, saturday night fever was a homage to the man travolta who we dig a lot...the rest just fit...end

Zayn_Angel wonders... how old are all you guys?

PA: spone-28 Qui-stay-28 Palpitadd-31 Eric-31

Azeem: What did you do the opening crawl text using?

PA: Avid with key matting

The_Scream: Are those your desks u are workin at, or some other poor guys?

PA: those are our genuine desks...all that stuff is our crap...end

Azeem: Oh yeah... ... Where did you get the Stormtrooper PEZ dispenser..my roommate wants it bad

PA: uh...a store called Urban Outfitters in Hollywood...end

threedee: What did you use for the controller for the the restraining bolt? Is that a TV remote?...

PA: the star wars action figure commtech, dude...you don't have one, chief?...end

threedee: hehe oh

Azeem: what is spone trying to eat? a granola bar?

The_Scream: (whats a granola bar?)

PA: kelloggs breakfast bar...nothing but the best...end

darkatx: oh geez...i ...errcan i ask thenm if they work for Scruffy the campfire stayer???

The_Scream: lol

threedee: rofl

PA: uh...what?...end

Azeem: *LOL* good answer

darkatx: guess not

PA: just a hint...it's not on a poster...end

Azeem: well, I think we should wrap the official Q/A now....PA WARS ... I want to give you guys the chance to give some final words

PA: okay, give us a second...then if anyone wants to chat they should hang on...end

Azeem: PA...we usually do chat afterwards

PA: oh, thanks

PA: thanks for all the support guys. you've made this a lot of fun...end

threedee: :)

BigChris: Can't wait for the next flick PA

threedee: me neither

PA: thanks...look out for that trailer...end

Bryan868: hehe, I'll definitely be waiting for Episode II trailer

The_Scream: Tyhink of this as never-ending

PA: never-ending?

The_Scream: no ends...never ending......

Azeem: on behalf of the theforce.net staff , I want to thank everyone for coming. These chats mean a lot to the filmmakers. That has always been my intention to bring the fans and filmmakers together.

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