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a word from the director

A Word from Adam Dorr
Director of "MARU"

Maru is a 7-minute amateur Star Wars video production that tells a short story about the nature of The Force.

Maru pays homage to Star Wars and is intended to demonstrate to everyone who spent their entire childhood dreaming of wielding a lightsaber that inspired personal visions can now be realized using tools that are readily available to all of us. Maru was made using a camcorder and a PC with a budget of about $500, and both computers and video cameras are becoming better and cheaper by the day. Although Maru required hundreds of hours of work, producing and distributing a video with modest visual effects as well as quality editing and mixing is no longer solely within the realm of mega-budget Hollywood studios. Maru is an example of the kind of work that is now well within the reach of amateur enthusiasts and aspiring artists.

Not only do we hope that everyone enjoys watching Maru as much as we enjoyed making it, but we hope that our work will serve to inspire others to realize their own visions, and that Maru will help to usher in the next era of communication and artistic expression here at the dawn of the new Millennium. Technology and the new media facilitate the articulation and exchange of ideas in ways never before imagined, and we hope that others will harness the power of these tools as we have in order to share their dreams with the world. We look forward to seeing your upcoming productions, and hope that you will look forward to seeing ours.

Good luck, and may The Force be with you.

Adam Dorr

Director, Maru

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