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Issues During Production Tutorial
by Chris Fergo

Production is the most important step in film making. So get ready. "Lights, Camera, Action!" Its time to take your creation and "make it come to life".

Make sure you shoot most scenes with a tripod (the scene won't look right if the camera is shaking. Lighting is very important, if you have a light on your camera make sure its strong. I recommend you buy two more though. If your camera has a built in microphone, don't use it. Your better off buying your own, because the built-in microphone may be cheap. Trust me, your sound quality will add a plus to your film if you buy a good one. Look in Radio Shack, Circuit City, or BestBuy for good microphones at great deals. Another important concept is acting, remember that your movie evolves around acting. Thats why it plays a very important role to your movie. Try your best to study and understand your character. Make sure you develope good speech also, because in TROOPS Aunt Beru repeats the word "like" over and over again when she is explaining to the Stormtrooper what had happened. Since when in Star Wars do you hear the word "like" over and over again in the same sentence. Its like the speech of the 90s-2000.

Coreography- for new people, is when you coordinate a fight or stunt sequence, make sure you practice well to make it stuck in your head. If anyone noticed in Star Wars, the fight sequence between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader, there was more fencing than regular sword fighting. So try to have a little variety, the results might look well. If you have a sequence where you duel on a Star Destroyer, for example, its obvious that you will need Bluescreen. You should practicle the bluescreen effect before choosing it for your fan-film. Remember this-If anything in your scene is blue other than the screen your guna need a Greenscreen and vice-versa. If you film some thing blue with a bluescreen the camera will pick it up as part of the bluescreen and thus leading to a messup. I heard that if you shoot with blue/green screen you need some kind of special paint. But I'm afraid I have nothing to offer as help as far as finding the right kind of paint. I believe the paint costs $40 though. Check here for a blue screen For stunt sequences I recommend it only if you are a professional, or if you know how to do a front flip into your pool. Then you could do that. Since my movie ("The Dangerous Rescue") has a fight sequence on Endor, I am in luck because I have a few trees that sort of surround my pool area so I can do a few stunts. If you have seen Legacy of the Jedi, after the credits I think you will recall seeing the bad guy do a front flip into his pool.

How to avoid a mistake!
In Clay Kronke's- The New World, he mentioned in A Word from the Director, that he noticed his own mistake about his disappearing, reappearing lightsaber. To help avoid a mistake, for example, say you have a Sith Lord walks in and takes of his cloak and drops it on the floor. Now say you shoot another scene and then go back to the same shot of the Sith Lord. You must remember to make sure you place the cloak back on the set otherwise thats a mistake. Here is another example (noticed from Seeds of Darkness). In the trailer, womaan says "Senator Palpatine has declared himself Emporer". And then you have X-Wings in the trailer. But around the time of Senator Palpatine declaring himself Emporer, there wasn't any X-Wings or Tie fighters until the Rebellion comes about. The way to avoid this mistake is to know where your story takes place and do a little research on your point in SW time. There are many books on all different kinds of points in SW time. After The Phantom Menace the Double-Bladed lightsaber is or should be over. Unless you have a good reason for it. In my movie I mention that I discovered the blue prints on how to make a Double-bladed lightsaber, and to my surprise, my enemy also has a 2 sided blade.

Well that pretty much covers the basic concept for Production and tips to a good, professional film.

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