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Add a Film

With the evolution of services like YouTube.com we will no longer be hosting Fanfilms on our servers at TheForce.net. However, we are always looking for great new content to feature in our Fanfilms section. If you are the director of your own Star Wars related Fanfilm, and would like it featured, please contact us for more information. Meanwhile we're archiving our older content below for future reference.

Guidelines For Submitting A Film

Add A Film Menu

Step 1
Review the guidelines for submitting a film to TFN FanFilms.

Step 2
Frequently Asked Questions about TFN FanFilms, film submissions, tutorials, and more. Be sure to read this before you submit your film.

Step 3
Submit Film:
Familiar with all the procedures and processes of submiting your film to TFN? Then continue on to this form and good luck!

Often times we get asked how people can get their own films online and distributed across the Internet. First off, we accept submissions of all kinds, not just films that relate to the Star Wars universe. If it's a music video, parody, comedy, or fictional expansion of an existing universe, this is the place. Whatever it is, you can't go wrong by giving us the scoop. You've worked hard enough already, let us take it from here.

However, just because we accept a submission, this does not necessarily mean that we will host the film. There are many guidelines for these pages, and we'll briefly outline them here. Please make sure your film will fit these qualifications before submitting to us.


TFN FanFilms will only host fan made films that are of the highest quality. While we appreciate the efforts of all fans, the only ones we can afford to dedicate time to are those that really stand out in our minds. Be sure to make the best film you can. If you would like to get an idea of the type of productions we are interested in, check our track record and see how you stack up. Remember though, that films like TROOPS, REVELATIONS, THE JEDI HUNTER, and BROKEN ALLEGIANCE were made with more resources than you may have available, but use them and the balance of all TFN fan films as a rule for your project.

Also, remember that standards do change over time. While your film may be similar or better than some of the earlier efforts hosted on TFN, you need to look at what we've hosted recently. Once a film is on TFN, we do not take it offline just because other films have outpaced it in regards to effects, story, or acting.


Another requirement is that the films must be clean. We want the films to fall under a PG-type of rating, which obviously excludes much offensive language, sexual situations or implications in a particular film. So far we've not had to deal with this issue much, but try to remember this when writing and producing the films. If you can't say or do it on broadcast television, it's fair to say the same standard will apply here.

Exclusive Host

While this is not absolutely manditory, TFN would like to be the only place on the Internet to download the film and get info about the production. It takes up considerable resources to develop the TFN Theater, and we want that work to be as effective as it can be. Feel free to distribute the films on other venues as well, including videotape and conventions, but when someone asks where they can find it on the net -- you'll say TFN.

Submitting A Film

While we encourage everyone to submit when they can, if all you have to submit is a basic plot outline or test footage, you should probably wait and reconsider submitting when you have something more to show for your efforts. Many fanfilms are announced, but few are completed - which is why we still have a section of Incomplete Films from the early days of TFN Theater. These days, we only wish to see films that are completed, or within two months or so of completion.

If your film is completed or nearing completion, and you have a trailer, rough cut, or completed film to show us, then proceed to the Add A Film form.

Someone from the TFN FanFilm staff will review the submitted items and contact you informing you on whether your film has been accepted or declined. Due to the high number of submissions, we review and decide on films in 2 - 4 weeks. Based on all the information we receive from you, we will try to make the best judgement we can as far as hosting the short film or project. If we feel the film would fit well with our existing selection of what we think is the best of the best in Star Wars (or other genre) Fan Filmdom, and meets all the right standards, TFN FanFilms will begin working with you towards preparing your film or project for a release date.

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