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DIY Star Wars Paper Snowflakes

Posted By Mike on January 2, 2011

The Official Starwars.com Blog is nice enough to point us over to yet another fun do-it-yourself holiday craft. While actual parent names are not provided, the wife of a die-hard Star Wars fan noticed that their son's paper snowflake, he'd been making, kind of looked like a stormtrooper. A lightbulb went off in the wife's head and she then proceeded to create a Clone Trooper/Boba Fett snowflake along with a Darth Vader snowflake. The best part about the fun creations is that the nice couple have provided instructions so that you can create your own. Get your paper and scissors ready, but for crying out loud don't run with either. Scissors cuts are bad, but paper cuts really hurt!

UPDATE: GeeksAreSexy.net provide views of some fantastic Tie Advanced X1 Starfighter and X-Wing Paper Snowflakes.

Thanks Yan!

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