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Pernilla August Interview Talks AOTC

Posted By Thomas on August 10, 2001

Kristoffer Str?m has found an awesome AOTC interview with Pernilla August from Swedish newspaper Expressen:

'The Clones Attack in the new 'Star Wars'
by Mats Br?stedt

George Lucas has spoken - the new movie is going to be titled "Star Wars Episode II - Attack of the Clones". Premiering next summer and with Pernilla August in a minor role - "It was great fun to be in it anyway" she says.

Pernilla August has spent most of the summer in ?sterlen in Sk?ne and says she's had "no contact with the world of movie stars right now". So when Expressen calls and tells her the American director George Lucas has decided on a title for Episode II and that "Attack of the Clones" premieres in a year, Pernilla August sounds surprised. "That's news to me! I had no idea about any of that" she says.

In the summer of 2000, Pernilla August went to Sydney, Australia, to reprise her role as Shmi Skywalker, mother of Anakin who turns into the evil Darth Vader. - "I was there for a week and worked for three days. Compared to Ewan McGregor and Natalie Portman, my contribution was minimal. I also had time for costume and make-up tests." So three days and one scene? - "I'm not allowed to say much, but that was it. I'm not allowed to comment about the scene itself."

Pernilla August has earlier described the offer from Lucas as "extra candy on a Saturday", and said it was "cool and flattering to reprise her role again" and "Star Wars is worth doing just for the experience". (Spoiler)"I have no idea if I'm going to be in Episode III. I don't know how Lucas is going to evolve the project and what he plans to do with the little mother. And what she's needed for." (as Shmi's fate in AOTC is not optimistic, Pernilla's statement is speculation that she may appear in a dream sequence or spiritlike apparition for EPIII) (Spoiler ends) "It takes an extremely long time to do these movies. One year for editing and another year to get the digital effects right."

After her days in Australia, she hasn't heard much from the director, except that she's gotten one or two gifts. "George Lucas isn't the guy to call you up. I talk to his assistants, but I haven't heard anything in a while now. But George sends wonderful Christmas gifts."
What did you get last Christmas?
"Some Christmas decorations and a popcorn machine."

Pernilla has seen "The Phantom Menace" twice, but her two daughters Asta (10) and Alba (8) has to wait a while longer. - "They thinks it's pretty scary and as long as they think that I'll keep them away from it."

Big thanks to Kristoffer Str?m for translating the article and the heads up!

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