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On Location - For the Streaming Impaired

We've been inundated with requests for the direct download links to the video files at the Official Site, and with bug reports of not being able to watch the new video virtual tours from the set of Episode II. A recent survey showed not even half of the visitors from TFN being able to watch the video. To help combat this, TheForce.Net has recruited Don Keefe to summarize each installment with screencaptures, speculation and summary.

Updated! Even with the ability now to download the clips, there is still quite a demand for the summaries, so we'll continue indefinitely.

Here's the installments, and expect the next ones to follow soon after the release of the Official Site's latest streaming clip:

On Location #1 - Production Office

On Location #2 - Nick Gillard

On Location #3 - Gavin Boquet

On Location #4 - Anthony Daniels

On Location #5 - The Second Second Director

On Location #6 - A Beautiful Girl

On Location #7 - Color Me Star Wars

On Location #8 - George Lucas in Lunch

On Location #9 - Show Me the Money

On Location #10 - Talking (Photo)Shop with Knoll

On Location #11 - Fighting with Nick Gillard

On Location #12 - Hanging out With Anakin

On Location #13 - Digital Filming

On Location #14 - George Lucas

On Location #15 - Concept Artist Dermot Power

On Location #16 - f/x Guru Dave Young

On Location #17 - Joel Edgerton as Owen Lars

On Location #18 - Trish Bretland and Mos Espa

On Location #19 - Crew Rigger Gilly Huxley

On Location #20 - Trisha Noble on the Naboo Set


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