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TF.N is proud to present the Episode II Guest Editorials. We have scoured the byways and hamlets of the universe and are very excited to bring you these unique thoughts on the Star Wars phenomenon.

May 22nd, 2002

Our second Editorialist is Chris White, the chief mucky-muck of one of the funniest sites on the Internet, "TopFive.com". He started TopFive with a bunch of friends way back in 1994 and the Internet has not been the same since. Chris's editorial provides the hard core Star Wars Fan with some timely and apropos dating tips.

Read Chris White's Editorial and an exclusive Top Five List just for TF.N!

Copyright 2002 by Chris White. On the web at http://www.topfive.com. All images and TopFive List used with permission.
May 1st, 2002

Our first Editorialist is Michael Jantze, the creative force behind the comic strip "The Norm". Norm is a big Star Wars fan (although not as big as his friend Chris, who wore a wookie suit for about 2 years). Norm sat in line for Episode I and even had an on-line dairy. Michael shares with us his toughts on how the Star Wars saga seems to coincide with the milestones of his personal life.

Read Michael Jantze's Star Wars Editorial

The Norm © Michael Jantze, distributed by King Features, Inc. On the web at http://www.thenorm.com/starwars. All images used with permission.
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