Celia Imrie

Celia Imrie - was in Highlander and Frankenstein

Here's another bio on her from A Midwinter's Tale.

12/18/97 - CELIA IMRIE SNIPPET - Thanks to Nigel Forbes for forwarding this Celia Imrie snippet from the latest "Mail on Sunday" magazine. Celia will likely portray female fighter pilot Bravo 5. She was apparently up for the role of Shmi Skywalker, the role awarded to Pernilla August. The Bravo 5 character certainly sounds like a wonderful consolation! Congratulations Celia!

I have a quick snippet of info about Celia Imrie. There was an interview
with her in Sunday's "Mail on Sunday" magazine. She mentioned Star Wars
once. I don't have the interview with me but here is the Star Wars bit as
far as I can remember.

Q: When did you last fail an audition?

A: I was up for the part of Darth Vader's mother in the new Star Wars
films but I didn't get it, which I was upset about! But they offered me
the part of a fighter pilot instead. It won't be out for about another two
years so my son will only be starting school and will be able to tell all
his friends that his mum is in Star Wars!

Thanks again to Nigel for passing that bit along! Cheers!

12/4/97 - CELIA IMRIE TALKS ABOUT PREQUELS - One of our loyal readers, Jim Wire, saw the show "Light Lunch" in the UK. As confirmed on their homepage, Celia Imrie was on the show. Jim tells us that Celia talked about her role in the prequel. Jim gave us an incredibly detailed account. We can't say if it's 100% accurate, but we'd say it's a good bet Jim got it right. Anyway, you be the judge. Here's his report:

Celia Imrie, who plays a new character in the prequels appeared on UK television show "Light Lunch" on Channel 4 on Wednesday 4th December. She is also in The Borrowers. Light Lunch is a show where stars come on and cook a meal for the two female presenters. Light entertainment at its best. really.

This is an approximate transcript.
Presenter #2: so, you're in Star Wars, then?
Celia : Oh, yes! But you can't really tell it's me because I'm wearing goggles and a helmet. I'm a fighter pilot called Bravo 5.
Presenter #2: Have you already filmed your part?
Celia : Yes, I've been up and done it. It was great.
Presenter #1: Did you meet Spielberg?
Celia : George Lucas, it's George Lucas.
Presenter #1: Oh, is HE directing??
Celia : Yes. And he's very cool, as you'd expect....
Presenter #1: ....being the creator of Star Wars.
Celia :Mmm. You have to get a milkfloat about at the studio, it's so big.
Presenter #2: Really?
Celia : He asked me to take off my lipstick though. As I was going to be the first female pilot they'd ever used, I thought I'd put on some lipstick, and make an effort.
James D'Arcy (British actor) : Well, you never know who you'll meet in space, do you!
Celia : Exactly. Well, anyway, I spoke to George to introduce myself and he was nice, then I walked off, but later on, someone gave me a message from him asking me to remove my lipstick. So that was that, but I'm still in it.
Presenter #2: When is it out?
Celia : Two years time, 1999. Not 'til then.
James D'Arcy : Do you know the plot?
Celia : No, because all you get as a script is a page with a few bits of dialogue that on their own make no sense whatsoever. You don't really know where you are, what you are saying, or who you are saying it to. And that's so if a newspaper comes up to me offering lots of money for a script or a bit of plot, I can't tell them anything, as I don't know anything.
James D'Arcy : Actually, I read a page of Brian Blessed's script.
Presenter #1 : Is he in it??
James D'Arcy : Yes, well, at least his voice is.
Presenter #1 : Does he go "aaaaargh!" alot? *
James D'Arcy : Of course! I said to him I was a huge fan, so he showed me the page; it's all "wiblgre wojble gish smed hak drkl" It made no sense at all. Just nonsense.

This could indicate that Blessed's voice is for a CG character. *Blessed shouts alot in every part he plays.

That concludes Jim's report. Cool, eh?