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Bill Synnamon saw Steven Sansweet at a convention and asked him if the New York Daily Times report was true. Here's what he had to say:

"I asked him if it were true what the newspapers were printing that Nina Brosh and Bijou Phillips had parts in the movie. He rolled his eyes and said "give me a break!" He said there hasn't been any casting as of yet, so all the reports should be considered bulls**t unless it comes from him or Lucasfilm. I didn't bother to ask about Portman because he was so adamant about the first two."

Well, there you have it! Boy, I'm actually a little relieved! Thanks Bill!

This article appeared in the New York Daily Times on August 22, 1996.

Bijou Phillips has landed her first screen role in the next "Star Wars" sequel. It's not known, however, whether the bizarrely behaving teen will play an alien. Phillips gave her by-now-customary performance Tuesday night at an otherwise sedate opening at the Matthew Marks gallery. The 16-year-old daughter of the Mamas and the Papas' John Phillips arrived in the sweltering heat wearing a heavy winter coat and sweating profusely. The green-haired nymphet then spent an hour skipping around the packed gallery singing gibberish songs before sitting on the floor for half an hour doing her makeup. To cool off, Bijou took ice from the bar, put it in her mouth and hair and then placed it back in the communal ice pail -- turning the water green. Unsuspecting gallery-goers continued to use the ice for their drinks. Later that night, Bijou continued her manic performance by dancing on the bar and flashing the customers at Jet Lounge. Other Bijou high jinks have included forcing another girl to kiss her during a Spin magazine photo shoot; reportedly slicing off the tip of a man's finger with a "magic trick" cigar-cutter at Spy (she denies it) and posing for the Calvin Klein "kid porn" advertising campaign. Bijou's mother, ex-model Genevieve Waite, said she regretted Klein's ultimate withdrawal of Bijou's "beautiful" ad. The typically braless Bijou is a regular on the late-night club circuit, where she either go-gos madly on tables or rubs up against strange men as a dancing technique. Her publicist insisted that "Bijou has reformed her act since she quit her heavy drinking a few months ago. She still flashes people occasionally, but so what?" Papa John has boasted that all his children are in AA. At 15, Bijou pronounced her relationship with Lemonheads singer Evan Dando kaput and then was often seen in the wee hours with fellow teen terror Leonardo DiCaprio. Is Hollywood ready for Bijou?

This one sounds totally bogus to me. How about you guys?

I think they got so much of a reply after that last rumor about Nina Brosh that they decided to yank our chains again.

Special Thanks to Jach 1005 on the Newsgroup for bringing this to our attention!