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Marvel Star Wars #86
Published: August 1984

Some time before ROTJ , Leia runs through a corridor of a Rebel cruiser, Luke and the droids at her heels begging to go with her to Yinchor; however, she is going to earn that world's trust and must show equal trust. There is much Imperial activity in that sector, so he makes her bring an emergency beacon in case of trouble. A Yinchori shuttle takes her to the desert world, but she is actually to be a hostage as trade to the Empire for the Elder Council, whom Governor Wessel has captured; however, their TIE escort fires on them, ending the deal. As the Yinchori panic, Leia fires back. The pilot outflies the TIEs as Leia shoots one down, but they collide with another TIE. She activates the beacon, then blacks out, and as Luke and Lando receive her signal at the Rebel armada, Wessel's troops also note it. A soldier reports on the battle, so Wessel orders a search for her. The TIE pilot survives and goes to kill the shuttle crew, but recognizes Leia and frees her. From Alderaan, he scorns her royalty, having been a common servant until joining the Empire. She calls him a traitor, but he helps her to safety, blaming Bail Organa for opposing the Empire and causing Alderaan's death. Unaware they are being stalked by rolk-mahgir ("the horned death"), Leia tries to make him see the Empire's evil. He shows her a piece of Alderaan that he wears on a chain, bought from a trader on Tatooine. Suddenly, the beasts attack; Leia grabs his gun and shoots, but to no avail. As Luke, Lando, and Chewie orbit in the Falcon , Imperials scan her signal on Restricted Band APA 5. She and the soldier dive off a cliff to a lower ledge to avoid the beasts, Leia nearly slipping before he pulls her to safety. He regrets being on "different sides" but won't renounce the Empire, and when she calls him a coward, he arrests her and takes her to his camp. When Wessel still orders the Council's death, however, the soldier is shocked at his barbarism. The Falcon suddenly shoots a ground vehicle. As Leia runs for the ship, Wessel tries to shoot her, but the soldier sees the truth and shoots his gun away, only to be shot while trying to board the Falcon . Leia tries to hold onto him as the ship lifts off, but he falls to his death, leaving her with only the Alderaanian rock and her tears. EnsViews Comic Review

Review not yet available. Please check back again soon.

Cover Image

"EnsViews" are copyright ? 1997-8 by Paul Ens. They are posted to rec.arts.sf.starwars.misc, emailed to Dark Horse Comics and archived on theForce.net. Cover scans are courtesy of Mark Lookabaugh.

Titles, Cover images, Marvel Comics, and the Marvel logo are trademarks of Marvel Comic Group and its respective Licensors.

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