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Places of Kalandar:

Woodlands and Forests

Kalandar's woodlands and forests were once the pride and wonder of the region: large green expanses, with paths - that were supervised and taken care of - crossing them, grown and attended to by a careful containment and restock program: except for the villages, the whole region of Kalandar was just one big forest. When the Empire took over, the vegetation was left to itself and so it had to deal with lack of cures and mainly the assault of a lethal wave of pollution. With the climate regulator down, gasses and atmospheric disturbances from the rest of Coruscant are free to attack the zone. Kalandar's new population, anxious only to find a shelter away from preying eyes, have not done any better, unloading and letting free among the surrounding woods every type of fuel, or digging underground shelters and laying cables underground just about everywhere.

Twenty years of Imperial control have destroyed a forest thousands of years old. In places where the woods were young, trees have not re-grown, leaving in their place hills covered by weeds, thorns and undergrowth. Instead the oldest and strongest zones of the forest have survived but they are fragmented and scattered to the four corners of the region. But even they have not been left untouched: reacting to new environment spurs they started to assimilate and live with the new substances that have penetrated the water and the atmosphere. In these zones the woods have grown out of control, generating gigantic and twisted trees that envelop each other absorbing the ruins and some times even whole villages and so becoming inaccessible to anyone. The population of Kalandar almost all agree in saying that not only the vegetation has adapted in an unforeseen way to the brutal and forced incorporation to Kalandar's ecosystem, but that also the animal life has started to mutate in an unexpected way. Many patrons of the Dragon's Coils - after too many drinks really - tell of giant infernal mastiffs, distortions of the old dragon wolves that once lived freely in the forests and that hide in the region's darkest woods, ready to devour the unfortunate or to burn them to cinders with fire that they blow from their nostrils; of course no mastiff has really been seen or captured. More belief is given to those rumors that tell of Womp-rats that have grown up to double their usual measure. Considering that this means there are creatures at least five meters high it is understandable that the people of Kalandar are reluctant to wander out of the villages after sunset. Anyhow Womp-rats, mutated or less, themselves hide among the most inaccessible ruins or in the thickest woods far away from the humans they fear as much as they are feared by. The possibilities of falling in danger for those who stay near the villages or along the roads are few.

Womp Rats: DEX 2D, PER 1D+1, STR 2D+1; Attacks: claws (2D+2), bite (3D+1); Size: 2.1 meters; Speed: 5

Womp Rats, mutated: DEX 4D, PER 2D+2, STR 4D+2; Attacks: claws (5D+1), bite (6D+2)

Dragon wolves: DEX 3D, PER 2D+2, STR 3D; Attacks: claws (3D), bite (4D); Size: 1-1.5 meters; Special abilities: smell (Search 5D).

Dragon Wolves, mutated (Mastiffs): ???

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