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Everybody in the underworld knows the name of Nag Skarr. Nobody takes it seriously. Actually, the stories he tries telling around, such as almost hitting Darth Vader while riding a swoop, or saving the Millennium Falcon at the battle of Yavin IV from a hidden aggressor that was about to prevent her from saving Luke's X-wing or flying a Corellian transport between the twin spires of the Imperial Palace of Coruscant contribute to deteriorate his scarce credibility.

At first sight Nag appears as a peasant, although unpolished, young man: long brown hair at shoulder's length, unshaved, brawny. Unfortunately, appearance aside, it is hard to find in him any redeeming quality.

Nag has managed to do everything in his life without specializing in anything. Fundamentally he is a restless and nomadic spirit who rarely stops for long in the same place.

It is known that Nag started his eclectic career on Nar Shaddaa, in the service of one of the many powerful Hutts who oversee the legal and illegal activities of that sector: Kossat the Hutt, owner and president of the infamous Kossat Enterprises. It is unclear whether this was Nag's first job -as a thief- or if he had already had previous experiences in the field of crime (the percentage of failures, always high, is not very helpful in this matter), but it is certain that Nag's job at Nar Shaddaa puts him in contact with the prominent figures of the Galactic underworld for the first time. But Nag's service at Kossat Enterprises is short lived: the carelessness displayed in "fulfilling" his tasks and the repeated sums of money Kossat is forced to pay to put up for failed missions, equipment, drinks and women Nag keeps billing at Kossat's balance books convince the Hutt that the young thief is more of a loss than an advantage. After a particularly unfortunate mission meant to recover a precious art object, the Sarnath Eye, a piece Kossat dearly wanted for is collection -even Nag is unusually quiet and reserved on the details of this mission- the Kossat company gets rid of Nag and forbids him to return on Nar Shaddaa.

This doesn't upset the young thief too much (contenting with living and enjoying pleasures at Kossat's expenses along as he could) who starts working for the most various and strange people, with one single constant: to milk some money out of the new boss and to give just an half-hearted shot at the actual mission to fulfill; this leaves all of Nag's following hiring bosses with a nonplussed opinion of their hired hand.

Nag is a free spirit above all: he doesn't enjoy rules, orders and constrictions. This has brought him far from either the Empire and the most serious criminal syndicates. He doesn't mind doing some jobs for the Rebellion, provided he remains an "external" collaborator and he's not asked to take a continued commitment.

His allergy to responsibility is obvious in every act: Nag is always ready to act impulsively, never mind the dangers, the risks, the impossibility or the stupidity of the action.

Acting on impulse involves any stimulation the galaxy can offer him, from alcohol to gambling to women, Nag seems ready to dive headlong in the most evident or gigantic cheat or scam without thinking.

His huge and unexplainable belief in his skills is not of help in staying out of trouble. In the Fringe of the galaxy it is common to meet brash pilots or con artists who actually know what they're talking about. Nag is even cockier... unfortunately, in his case there is no actual skill to actually back up his big words! This, however, doesn't stop him: with an uncanny form of self-persuasion close to art, Nag always manages to impute the endless troubles and accidents to any other factor other than himself.

As said above, Nag is very sensible to female charms. "the shadow of Nar Shaddaa" is easily gullible any way, but when staring at a pretty set of curves, he will lose even his last vestiges of caution. Once again he is helped in his huge skill of self-persuasion, capable of turning every woman for which Nag is actually drooling into an evident victim of his irresistible charm. In words, Nag counts endless fiery love stories with dozens and dozens of the most beautiful women in the Galaxy. If the accuracy of these stories is something close to that of his assumed accomplished tasks, it's possible that his generous imagination worked out the majority of them.

Finally, Nag is totally and irredeemably convinced of the non existence of the force: he is certain that all Jedis are extinct, and that the few manifestations he witnessed by some so called Force users are charlatans' tricks, much to the stress of former dignitary Gothar Palpatine, for which Nag works once in a while.

Nonetheless, once one has managed to ignore the endless list of impossible stories, the mess close to absolute chaos in which he keeps his starship, his total allergy to any kind of ideal, dedication and sense of honor -hard to tell if someone has ever managed to do it- one might find that Nag Skarr also features some shadows of qualities.

The excellent opinion he has of himself and the stubborness that brings him to live and challenge any obstacle and violate every rule make him ready to face any mission: very rarely Nag will step back from a challenging task to be done. Moreover, even if in his own unconscious way, Nag does feel some care and need to help his friends and those around him. As long as he is not requested any definitive commitment or constriction, he will always be ready to lend a hand to a friend.

Provided there is some fun to be had...

Nag Sk'arr

DEX 3D+1
Blaster 5D
Blaster Artillery 5D
Brawling Parry 5D
Dodge 5D
Grenade 5D
Melee Combat 5D
Melee Parry 5D
Pick Pocket 7D
Running 6D
Thrown Weapons 5D

Alien Species 5D
Bureaucracy 5D
Business 5D
Planetary Systems 5D
Streetwise 5D
Survival 5D
Value 5D
Willpower 5D

MEC 3D+2
Astrogation 5D
Beast Riding 5D
Communications 5D
Hover Vehicle Op. 5D
Repulsorlift Op. 5D
Sensors 5D
Space Transports 5D
Starfighter Piloting 5D
Starship gunnery 5D
Starship Shields 5D
Swoop Operation 5D

Bargain 5D
Command 5D
Con 5D
Forgery 5D
Gambling 5D
Hide 5D
Persuasion 5D
Search 5D
Sneak 5D

Brawling 5D
Climb/Jump 5D
Lifting 5D
Stamina 5D
Swimming 5D

TEC 2D+2
Blaster Repair 5D
Computer Program/Repair 5D
Demolition 5D
Droid Repair 5D
First Aid 5D
Hover Vehicle Repair 5D
Repulsorlift Repair 5D
Security 5D
Space Transport Rep. 5D
Starfighter Repair 5D
Starship Weapon reapair 5D

Force Sensitive? No
Force Points: 3
Character Points: 5
Equipment: Corellian Transport "Desert Flower", heavy blaster(5D)

A Quote: "Well, it's worth a try... Have I ever told you about the time Dash Rendar begged me to spare him?"

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