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The Dragon's Coils tavern, in Ghastal, is property of Kilgarr Dk'orr, or Kilgarr for short, a cold, ever suspicious Duros. It is hard to tell Kilgarr's age from his aspect, though the fading blue hue of his skin and the may wrinkles around his mouth would suggest that he is no longer a youth... or that he indulges too often in the alcohol and the Kiran cider he sells in his basement.

Kilgarr takes care personally of the business of his tavern, with sporadic help from some droids or some hired hands called in for the season. The tavern has quickly become an obvious gathering point for Ghastal and the majority of Kalandar: a place where to obtain news and meet contacts, and Kilgarr is almost always there, spending his time serving drinks (rarely) and examining the customers going in and out (often).

The usual customers of the Coils have learned to know Kilgarr for what he is, and they know that the best way to obtain credit or one more drink from the patron is to mind their own business and, above all, not to mess with him.

Kilgarr is very brusque with newcomers, to the point of crudeness sometimes. This actitude, though, only lasts for a limited time: once a customer has become a regular, the alien turns out to be cheerful and generous, much to the surprise of those who have so far considered him an hostile old grump.

Actually Kilgarr has very good reasons not to trust strangers, and many others in his place would not display the control and the nerve the alien displays by sitting at his place in the tavern.

Few people know that some time ago Kilgarr was Drauross Ne' Kaarv, the feared spice smuggler king of Deimoss, whose assaults on merchant ships had become the greatest fear of trade companies and the shame of the sector Imperial fleet. Drauross' ships attacked the spice trasnports, stole their loads, sold them on the black market and used the incomes to buy even more ships to be added to the pirate fleet. In the space of a year Drauross' pirates were undisputed masters of Deimoss' commercial lanes in spite of the Imperial Navy's best efforts and they were about to reorganize themselves into a powerful fighting fleet.

Drauross' prosperity and success was his undoing. The pirate fleet at his command worked so well that it finally caught the attention of a far too dangerous enemy for a pirate of any sort: Black Sun itself longed for the command of the Deimoss' pirates.

When the galactic criminal syndicate decided to absorb Drauross and his pirates in its own organization, Drauross did what no sane pirate would have ever dared: he refused.

Black sun's emissaries uttered no word: they nodded and left Drauross' ship, suggesting the pirate leader to contact them if he ever changed his mind.

For that day on, things changed for the pirated: the black market, without an explanation, refused to buy their stolen goods, or did so at miserable prices. Private and corporate ships turned out to be heavily shielded, protected by escort flights and, once or twice, filled with Kiran mercs instead of the intended load. The little kingdom Drauross had managed to build was soon collapsing.

Well aware of being at the center of Black Sun's maneuvers to inglobate his operations, Drauross summoned the emissaries back to discuss terms of their "pertnership".

But when the emissaries returned back aboard the pirate ship to take the helm, they had their own surprise: they found the full crew of Drauross waiting for them, blasters blazing. One command from Drauross' men and the emissaries met a quick and violent death. Drauross hand his men had decided to destroy the fleet, rather than having Black Sun taking it over.

And so it was: once alerted of the emissaries' demise, a fleet of merc and bounty hunter ships assaulted Dauross's ships. The pirates, ready for the escape, spread out in every direction, but even so, many of them fell under the blows of Black Sun's wrath. The remaining ships, cargo and equipment were destroyed or confiscated by the forces of Black Sun.

Drauross was among those who made their escape good. Well aware that his days as a pirate leader were at an end, he vanished in the seedy underworld of the galaxy and build a new identity for himself. He resurfaced in Kaladar: he was now Kilgarr, a quiet and anonymous owner of a tavern in Coruscant's forsaken region.

Life as a bartender, though, soon turned out to be much too boring and uneventful for one who had commanded an horde of cut-throats. Even if he was aware that his days at he helm of a ship were over, Kilgarr needed a little action to remember the old times. Moving with extreme caution and contacting some old acquaintances through a complex network of intermediaries and aliases Kilgarr managed to put back in activity a small clandestine sale of smuggled spice in Kalandar.

Nothing that could be compared to the old ways, of course, but just enough to provide him with some of the old excitement other than cleaning tables at late night and downloading cider cylinders.

Even today Kilgarr maintains his hidden activity and the Dragon's Coils, aside from being a rallying point for many of Kalandar'' rejects --nother thing Kilgarr is very proud of, and that reminds him of his times as a pirate leader- is also a facade activity for his illegal sale of spice. Kilgarr knows he works against his own safety by keeping selling spice: since the time of the Deimoss battle, Black Sun has never given up searching for him. So far Kalandar has been quite a safe refuge, so safe that he decided to take a risk and re-enter the world of smuggling.

So Kilgarr examines every new customer with a keen eye and a thousand suspicions. He lives in fear that one day a Black Sun bounty hunter or spy might walk through the door and recognize him: should that happen, his life wouldn't be worth a false credit. But not even fear of being discovered is enough to convince him to give up his old passion...

Kilgarr (Drauross Ne' Kaarv)

DEX 3D+2
Blaster 5D
Brawling Parry 4D+2
Dodge 5D
Grenade 4D
Melee Combat 6D
Melee Parry 5D+2
Pick Pocket 5D

Alien Species 4D
Bureaucracy 5D
Intimidation 4D+2
Languages 4D
Planetary Systems 5D
Streetwise 5D
: Kalandar 7D+2
: Deimos 8D
: Black Sun 6D+2
Survival 5D
Tactics 6D
Value 6D+1
Willpower 5D

MEC 3D+2
Astrogation 5D
Capital Ship Gunnery 6D
Capital Ship Piloting 6D+1
Capital Ship Shields 5D+2
Communications 4D
Sensors 5D
Space Transports 4D+2

Bargain 6D
Command 5D
Con 4D+2
Forgery 5D
Gambling 5D
Hide 4D

STR 2D+2
Brawling 4D

Capital Ship Repair 4D
First Aid 5D
Security 4D

Force Sensitive? No
Character points: 5
Force points: 2
A Quote: "If you want some more, then pay. Otherwise, leave. And don't think to threaten me. That would be ludicrous."

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