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In Kalandar more than in any other region of Coruscant one can find "hired hands" at a low price: a fistful of credits would be more than enough to hire cutthroats, derelicts and desperate creatures ready do perform even the most dirty work. Very few people, though, would recognize in an elegant and unassuming middle-aged gentleman one of the most lethal terrorists for hire in the region, end even fewer could allow his exorbitant prices.

This is because Hessler Fival is not a common hired gun: he has rarely held a weapon in his hands, and he has performed all of his raids without leaving Kalandar: Fival is an computer pirate.

The location of his private dwelling in Kalandar is unknown to everybody but somewhere, in an old stone house filled with terminals, cable connections and satellite antennae are conceived the raids that have made the Imperial Security Bureau itself tremble. Very often, though, when the job is not top-secret, or when the risk that his "victims" might have a chance of tracking back the terminal from which the attack is coming, Fival works at Ghastal's Network center. Rumors say that he is the one who helped the owners putting the whole place in function, and that he also provided them with connections and equipment out of regulation that improved their transmission and incomes. Fival, of course, denies everything and keeps attending the Network Center as a regular customer -although high in the esteem of the owner and with a booth always ready for him.

Fival, a true professional, has no preference or partiality in choosing his raids: he has tracked for the local Imperial garrison many Rebel communications to their origin, he has put out of order -definitively- highly protected and complex network systems who bothered Black Sun's "commercial" activities and he stole codes, information and data from the most hidden Imperial fortresses in behalf of those Rebel agent with enough contacts and money to afford his services.

Fival revels in his double identity: in Kalandar's streets he is a distinguished and quiet middle aged gentleman with a passion for technology. On the net, he becomes the terror of every computer system, the phantom icon nobody dares to challenge, many admire and all fear in Coruscant's electronic universe. Data boards are filled with improbable legend on his deeds and Fival, somewhere from his refuge surely reads and watches everything concerning him and smiles, pleased by the aura of legend that grows around him. Some of the rumors, of course, are most inflated. Others, on the contrary, cannot even image the true extent of his net raids. Of the real impossible tasks, those that matter, of course, nobody has ever heard.

Witha good terminal at arm's length and the assistance of a faithful R2 unit there's very little the virtual terror cannot accomplish. The icon he uses to appearl on the virtual world, the Black Ghost, looms over the most disastrous and feared network accidents in Coruscant's history: on Lord Krytus' account of 5 million credits dropped to zero in a few seconds, on the CorusCom data bank mae inaccessible and fragmented for three weeks and on the Red Plague virus that went around the planet in the space of a few seconds.

Little is known, though, on the person behind he Black Ghost icon. Hessler Fival has worked for 12 years at the planetary section of Cybot Galactica, the renowned producer of the most popular protocol droid models in the galaxy. Hessler, blessed with a brilliant and agile intellect, soon learned all that there was to know on his job and decided to push himself further, working on the existing models and projecting new models far more sophisticated and elaborated than those meant for the masses.

At one point, Hessler left for a journey outside Coruscant searching for data and information on even superior droids. Fival returned changed... and improved. Even with the few people aware of his past (who, anyway, talked with him about it exclusively through computers) Fival is very silent. Whatever the destination of his journey, though, Fival returned to Kalandar with the capability of manipulating computer networks and altering virtual data never seen before. His deeds, of course, have generated the most improbable rumors: Fival might have had cybernetic connections plugged in his own brain, or maybe he even is an hyper-developed droid! But the true answer, of course, is known only to Fival himself, who takes care not to drop even the slightest hint about himself.

And the network pirate has every motive to be quiet: even if there is no charge against Hessler Fival, there are many huge rewards and bounties for the mysterious person behind the Black Ghost icon. Imperial orders of arrest, rewards and bounties offered by his many victims grow at every new raid, and there's no doubt that, if Fival's identity should ever come to the surface, Hessler Fival would meet a quick and painful death: one of the few things that would put all military, civil, political and illegal factions of Coruscant together in agreement.

Hessler Fival
Tongue-tied Engineer

DEX 2D+1
Blaster 4D
Dodge 4D
Pick Pocket 5D

Bureaucracy 5D
Business 5D+2
Languages 6D
Law Enforcement 4D
Planetary Systems ?D
Streetwise 5D
: Holonet contacts: 9D+2
Value 6D+2
Willpower 6D

MEC 2D+2
Astrogation 5D
Communications 7D+2
Sensors 5D

PER 2D+1
Bargain 6D
Command 5D
Con 7D
Forgery 8D+2
Gambling 6D
Hide 4D
Investigation 4D
: On the Holonet : 9D+1
Persuasion 5D
Search 6D
: On the Holonet 10D
Sneak 4D

STR 2D+2

TEC 2D+2
Computer Program/Repair 11D
Demolitions 8D
Droid Programming 8D+2
Droid Repair 7D
First Aid 4D
Security 9D

Force sensitive? No
Character Points: 5
Force Points: 2
A Quote: (through computer): "You have 7.82 seconds to accept my conditions before your private bank access code appears on every terminal of this planet."

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