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Delya Correen is the typical example of the refugee one might find hidden among the ruins of Kalandar: quiet, reserved, partially disillusioned by what life might offer... and bent on hiding with every mean her identity and her motives.

To pass unobserved is a harder task that one might think in Delya's case: her blonde medium length hair, deep green restless eyes and beautiful body more often than not put her at the center of the attention, especially in the seedy environments she is forced to attend operating in Kalandar.

Just to defend herself from unwanted attentions Delya has rapidly developed a bitter and hard shell that she keeps around her as an armor: she is of few words and of crude behavior, and she is perfectly able to take care of herself, even fighting if necessary. Delya often displays a rude, grim attitude capable of putting even the most obnoxious suitor at this place (with the possible exception of Nag).

Even when she must not defend herself from unwanted attentions, Delya Correen is rarely at ease: even with those she knows and, relatively, trusts, she goes a great length to remain cold, efficient and concentrated on the task at hand, swaying all attention aimed at her.

Those who manage to go beyond the puzzlement of first impact and to get acquainted with the woman (a more difficult task than it might seem) will understand, though, that behind the many barriers Delya raises between herself and the rest of the universe stands mainly a fierce, unstoppable and almost beastly determination to protect her past and to prevent even her smallest secret from shedding any light on her person.

Those who have tried to investigate on her have found themselves lying on the table of a cantina or have seen her disappear never to return again, and it is for this reason that those around her take great care not to touch that particular subject. Curiosity, though, is strong, especially in a place like Kalandar were a stranger might mean big trouble, so people have started putting together (after having ensured that she is well beyond ear reach) a few pieces of the puzzle of her enigma.

Some data about her past have emerged, which might provide at least a vague idea about who Delya Correen really is and partial reasons for her stubborn secrecy.

She should be a native of Cinnagar, or at least of some planet in the empress Teta system, as some minor inflections of her Basic and a few sporadic journey to that system would confirm. Moreover, the young woman displays some very good specific knowledge, especially in two fields: that of medicine (she easily operates bacta tanks, medipacs and laser cutters) and that of computer security (she has been seen effecting cyber connections and raids at the Computer center of Ghastal that raised the admiration of Fival himself).

Something serious must have happened to the girl in Nar Shaddaa, where she appears to have performed a mission of some kind: nothing, unfortunately, emerged about the woman's aims on the Smugglers'moon except a name, "Syr'n", that might idenitify a sister or a relative of Delya Correen herself.

Whatever the past of the young woman holds, one thing is more than obvious: Delya is not finished with her past as she would want to. The fierceness with which she protects her privacy is the most evident sign, but not the only one: many have seen her jumping at shadows more than once, as if she were looking for a hidden observer or an invisible persecutor, and even in isolated or perfectly safe places she seems to act as if she were under constant observation by some ineludible and threatening presence.

This continual tension, though, is taking its toll on the young woman's mind, who and more often is trying to get out of her self-imposed solitude and to establish meaningful contacts in Kalandar, as if any ties of the present could cast away those of the past.

Among the few with whom Delya has showed to be at ease stands Kilgarr, the silent bartender and the Dragon Spires cantina, with whom she shares long talks made of whispers and half-uttered phrases at the tables of the tavern. There are those who believe that maybe Ghastal's bartender knows more than he shows about the beautiful and mysterious woman, but there are also those who think that it's just mutual support among two escapees anxious to erase the remaining traces of their past. Delya, anyway, seems to enjoy the bartender's company, although she enigmatically utters from time to time that "he ought to change the tavern's name".

Young Correen has shown in more than one occasion an interest in Gothar Palpatine's young right hand man, Mark Todd. It is possible that after years spent living among suspicion and fear the woman is attracted by the young pilot's honesty and rectitude as a moth by the light, but this feeling is all but unclear, to Delya herself before all: sometimes she is deeply attracted by Todd, other times she seems to prevent herself from any development their relationship might have, as if half of her desired Todd's protection and the other half wanted to keep the young man the farthest possible from her.

The only one who hasn't noticed anything is, of course, Todd, who keeps dealing with Delya day by day according to her mood and to offer his support smiling and ready as he does with everybody and without asking any questions. Moreover, Delya is, as every other female creature in Kalandar, in Nag Skarr's aims. The opposition between the naive and idealistic pilot from Nebulon V and the cunning, unnerving thief from Nar Shaddaa must result unbearable to Delya, who finds herself constantly at the center of Nag's jokes and provocations (the fact that these have once earned Nag two broken ribs once doesn't seem to stop him at all).

But not even with Skarr things seem to be clear: who saw her answer with fuming eyes at Nag's worst jokes could swear they saw in those eyes a passion barely held and simulated, and the insistence with which she keeps meeting and working with Skarr (when she has left and disappeared for far less explicit observations) make gossips grow.

Whatever the answers to the many enigmas in Delya's mind and heart are, only one thing is sure: Delya is not at all free from her past and her doubts. Whether se is an fugitive wanted by the Empire, a criminal guilty of an unspeakable crime or the unaware victim of a complicated plot, the past she would like to forget is pursuing her. And those who could see her for an instant, alone, and read the fear in her eyes, would realize how close that past his behind her...

Delya Correen

Blaster 4D+1
Brawling Parry 5D
Dodge 5D
Melee Combat 4D+2
Melee Parry 4D+1

KNO 2D+2
Alien Species 5D
Languages 4D+2
Streetwise 5D
Survival 5D+2
Willpower 6D

MEC 3D+1
Astrogation 4D
Communications 6D
Repulsorlift Operation 5D+2
Sensors 5D
Space Transports 5D+2
Starship Gunnery 6D
Starship Shields 4D+2
Swoop Operation 4D

PER 3D+2
Bargain 4D
Con 7D
Forgery 6D+1
Gambling 5D
Hide 6D+2
Search 5D
Sneak 7D

STR 2D+2
Brawling 4D+2
Climbing/Jumping 5D
Stamina 4D+2

TEC 2D+2
Computer Program/Repair 7D+2
Demolition 5D
Droid Programming 5D
Droid Repair 4D+2
First Aid 6D
Medicine (A) 6D+1
Security 6D+2
Space Transports Repair 5D

Force-sensitive? No
Force points: 5
Character points: 10
A Quote: "If I were in you I would worry about other things... such as the blaster I'm pointing at your stomach."

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