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At one time Stin was a highly respected and high ranking Jawa. He has since fallen from favor with the Jawa elders. Stin was married earlier in his life, but after catching his wife cheating on him he had her banished forever. It is not known where she went and Stin did not father any children with her.

The same night she was banished, Sanker's Mountain, the Jawas Kingdom, was attacked by Tusken Raiders. That night, Stin had tried to rally a counter attack but the Elders would not have it. To them, running was a far better option. This did not sit well with Stin and others. They refused to abandon Sanker's Mountain and that night many Jawas meet their end. When they finally had to leave, Stin was confronted by a large Tusken Raider. They fought and Stin won, but it cost him an eye. Impressed by his tenacity and ferocity, the Tusken Raiders allowed Stin and the few surviving Jawas to leave. After that fateful night on Sanker's Mountain the Jawa Elders determined that Jawas would live as transients in their Sandcrawlers, figuring with no permanent home such an attack could never happen again. The Jawa Kingdom was torn into clans with the Jawa Elders traveling from clan to clan delivering news and offering advice.

Stin joined a clan lead by a young Chieftain named Purvis. Purvis had recognized many traits in the gruff old Jawa that others would dismiss due to his taciturn nature. Stin immediately proved his worth as a leader avd was promoted to Second in Command. The two would argue over almost everything but both had the clan's best interests at heart.

Then the Empire came and the clan was changed forever, again. Purvis, was killed, leaving Stin in charge. Angered by the past, and fuelled by the present, Stin wants revenge. At the meeting where the survivors of his clan met, Stin proposed a bold new direction for the Jawas to take. Now Stin leads the Jawas into war, and into Jawa history.

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