Captain Wankle



Imperial Nebulon B Frigate Captain

Captain Wankle once lead the Imperial spearhead into Sullustan space in command of the Star Destroyer Excessive. The Emperor was even rumored to have smiled when his name came up in conversation. All of this changed abruptly.

No one thought that a meek Sullustan cargo pod engine pilot and a crate of Biscuit Baron Bantha Breakfast Biscuits would nearly end an Imperial officer's career, but...

Now Wankle has a new assignment. He still maintains a command, but nothing compared to what he was used to. Having lost his Star Destroyer (how this happened is a bit of an embarrassment to the Empire and is therefore still classified) he was given command of the Nebulon B Frigate Upheaval with the sole assignment of locating Sullustan criminal Nien Nunb. As he closes in on his quarry he may be pleased to learn that another foe of his is unintentionally lurking nearby.

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