Sock-headed worm people



Species catalog #11238477B

For a species that lives on a fairly unknown planet in an out-of-the-way system, they sure get a lot of company. Very lucky for Bungo and Rusti, indeed!

The Sock-Headed Worm People, as Bungo would later call them in his captain's log, live on a small planet that rotates around a red giant somewhere in the vicinity of Sullustan space. Because the planet's axis is tilted at nearly ninety degrees, the SHWoPs inhabit the narrow band that straddles the light and dark side of the planet. This keeps them from frying or, conversely, freezing to death. They tend to live in small city mounds scattered within this band.

Bungo was lucky to run across a hunting party astride their mighty and very carnivorous beasts of burden.

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