42-RST (Rusti)

Plintep Cybernetics Corporation
RST Model Translator Droid

The Mephout entrust all diplomatic positions to the females of their species (Mephout male tempers tend to flare at the most inopportune times). So they created their translator droids in the female image as well. Not truly protocol droids, the RST models were programmed merely to translate languages, not to interpret the nuances of cultural meanings.

It is in this area that the protocol droids have the clear advantage. But the RSTs are remarkable in that they carried out almost all translating duties throughout the Mephout Dominion - an isolated sector on the edge of the known galaxy - until its recent discovery by the Empire.


RST models are very susceptible to electromagnetic pulses that can easily fry their delicate rationality circuits and even their life preservation programming! This has caused more problems during important government functions than male Mephout libidos. It has resulted in a dozen assassinations, half a dozen declarations of war, and one marriage proposal. The RST models were immediately replaced by the more advanced protocol series droids.

Rusti was a gift to Bungo; though she was meant as a reward for services rendered, in reality it was just the Mephouts' way of getting rid of some obsolete hardware.

Reprinted directly from
The Official Star Wars Adventure Journal, Vol. 1, No. 11

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